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Roskoh Reviews [April 2020] – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Roskoh Reviews [April 2020] – Is It a Scam or Legit? >> Read about all your FAQs answered. Here you read if an online shopping site is a bad or is it legit.

Are you afraid of paying to unconsidered online shopping sites? Then here, you will get to know how you can identify if the website is genuine or fake.

Have you heard about Roskoh before? Is roskoh scam? Or is roskoh com legit?

If you are someone who continuously stays updated with these online sites, then you might have read roskoh reviews before. But if you are hearing about it for the very time, then keep reading this blog to know more.

Roskoh is currently trending in the United States. It is one of the online shopping sites that create several doubts in the mind of a customer.

What is Roskoh?

Roskoh, as mentioned already, is an online shopping store that sells clothing items, luggage, glasses, etc. for both men and women. The prices are well-balanced, but things appear to be cheaper.

The online sites mostly focus on the presentation of their sites and image quality. Both of these things are a miss on Roskoh. The website is way too simple and has displayed low-quality images. The images seem like they have been copied from some other sites.

If you give a close look, you will notice that the “sport” section showcases a wristwatch rather than any other sporty item. What kind of mess is this? For someone who is about to check out this site for the first time might not understand that this is how scams take place. But if you are now a master in online shopping, then you surely are aware of bits and pieces of information.

With very few roskoh Reviews available on the internet, this blog might help you discover the more about this website and identify other scams.

Well, there are several products in Luggage category. However, we have noticed that cheaper product prices with good quality are available over Amazon.


With very few roskoh Reviews available on the internet, this blog might help you discover the more about this website and identify other scams.

Is Roskoh a scam? Or is it legit?

In this roskoh Review, you will get your answers about how authentic is this website. Just like many other scams happening over the internet in recent years, one of the main niches that catch our attention is online shopping. These hackers and scammers have realized that people and customers can be fooled through online shopping sites very easily.

Being the responsible netizens, we must keep track of such incidents, create awareness, and also by ourselves not get fooled by the scammers.

Talking about this website it receives payment through PayPal, and PayPal is a valid company. Then how do they allow such scam companies for payments? How do they get verified?

It also mentions the brand names of some of the products, like in luggage. It names “Samsonite,” which is one of the known and trusted luggage brands. But this might also have been bought from local sellers.

It mentions that while making an online payment, they do not get any of your data like passwords, numbers, or any such detail, and your credentials are safe. This again creates confusion that if this is a scam or is legit.

How does Roskoh work?

By now, almost all of us know how to place an order on an online shopping site. Roskoh works the same. You select the item you want to buy and then add it to the cart and proceed with filling your details and check out. The payment mode is only online via PayPal.

The problem that occurs here is that one might not have a PayPal account, and they will have to create it if they want to buy anything from this website. Over the internet, roskoh com reviews mention that the customers were for months to receive their package but had not received anything even after paying the money already.

Online payments can be a little disturbing when you have already paid for your products, but you do not receive your items or receive them very late.

If you want to return any item, it is mentioned on the website that you will have to pay for the shipping charge. Even if the item is damaged already, it is your responsibility to use your money to ship the parcel. Now it is up to you to decide if you want to buy from here or not. 

For shipping, no address is mentioned on the website.

Pink Leopard

Hence, we suggest to choose products from Amazon. Here, you can have multiple choices across brands. Certainly, it will be far better than roskoh website.

Pros of Roskoh:

  • It says that the item will be delivered in 3-5 business days depending on the location
  • The products are priced well
  • You can track your package
  • The website is secured with SSL
  • The luggage pictures displayed show some trendy designs

Cons of Roskoh:

  • Products seem cheap in quality
  • No proper information is available on the website
  • Refund policy seems like a scam
  • They do not give a guaranteed delivery date
  • Contact, and ‘about us’ info is not well-provided

What have been people’s experiences with Roskoh?

As mentioned already, people have had mixed reviews about Roskoh. Some of them were happy with what they had received. Some of them were very dissatisfied, as the product did not meet the expectation.

If you go over the web pages to read about this website, you will see that people had also tried to get a refund to which there was no response from the company.

If you visit the official website of the company and check the refund policy, then you will know what goes behind a refund. Several factors are considered before the return, and only if you get eligible, you will receive your refund after a month or so. The refund is also not guaranteed.

Final Verdict

To save our readers from getting fooled by scammers, we recommend you to always cross-check the websites through social media pages, via friends and online networks, and through reviews. Verifying the address and number of the website can also help.

In the case of Roskoh, there are mixed thoughts as on one side, PayPal approves the payment, and on the other hand, there is no verified address available.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on any of the items on this website, make sure to get proper research.

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