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All those Roblox fans in Germany and worldwide, are you listening? So here we are once again with a review on a website that claims to sell free Robux.

No wonder, all Roblox fans who are crazy to collect free in-game virtual currency want to know more about the site.

At this point, you may wonder, why?

This is because Robux makes the game more enjoyable for Roblox players. It also helps them buy many game accessories including skins, hats, and other items.

It requires a lot of cash to buy Robux. Therefore, if any site claims to generate free Robux, it is a huge hit with Roblox players.

Through this article, we review Roblox, a site that offers free Robux. We will find if the site is legit?

What is is a website that seems to be a blessing for Roblox fans as it claims to generate free Roblox.

It asks you to add your username and choose your platform that can be Windows, Nintendo, iOS, macOS, Xbox One, and Android. The website also allows you to add your name and feedback on its Homepage.

All this is so lucrative for Roblox players.

As per the latest display on, it claims to have 300,000 Roblox users.

Is Roblox legit?

According to us, is not a legit website. If you visit the bottom of their Homepage and click on “Contact Us”, it guides you to an error page.

Similarly, by clicking on the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” tab, it leads to an error page.

Isn’t it obvious that a website trying so hard to conceal its identity is a scam?

The most authentic way to assess a website is through its customer reviews.

Let’s discover how it fares with its players.

Customer reviews on Roblox:

The website has very promising reviews from players on its Homepage. Customers claim that the site is working very great for them. These reviews are available from October 2020 onwards.

Strangely, despite its shining reviews and tall claims to generate free in-game currency, one can hardly find any customer reviews for this site online.

This undoubtedly raises suspicion about

Final verdict:

As always mentioned, the spurious websites claiming to generate free Robux may permanently hack or block your Roblox amount account. 

Therefore, it is in your best interest not to fall victim to their irresistible offers if you want to play safe. 

Our take on Roblox is that it is one of those scam sites that either want to steal your personal information or block your Roblox account for some reason.

Do you have any more information to share on this website? If yes, please feel free to add it here. 

It will save Roblox gamers from falling victim to this website.

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