Rt Diagnostics Reviews {Jun} About The Testing Lab!

Rt Diagnostics Reviews 2021

Rt Diagnostics Reviews {Jun} About The Testing Lab!>> This post reviews the diagnostic center claiming to perform the Covid-19 test according to government guidelines.

Have you enquired about the labs for covid test? Do you know which lab has the best reports record?

Rt Diagnostics Reviews will talk about a laboratory providing Covid- 19 PCR testing at home for patients. The recent spike in coronavirus cases has forced countries Worldwide to go for the complete or partial lockdown to break the virus chain. 

The countries with fewer cases want the national and international passengers to have either vaccination certificates or negative corona reports. Till now, PCR test was done by a medical expert, but RT lab is providing home test and mobile clinic testing facility.

What is RT Diagnostics?

In this section of Rt Diagnostics Reviews, we will discuss the laboratory in detail. This lab is based in the United Kingdom and provides an RT-PCR test for coronavirus detection. There are around eighty approved RT testing centers all over the country.

Previously it was doing RT-PCR test for covid-19 suspects, but recent guidelines by the United Kingdom government for passengers returning from some specific countries required changes in its testing strategy. To suit the new policy, it developed five testing products for passengers returning from abroad.

In the next section, this review will discuss the testing product developed by the RT lab.

 Rt Diagnostics Reviews found some of its Testing Product as Follows:

There are five testing products developed by Rt Diagnostic to suit the government guideline:

  • Day 2 Test: This test is mandatory for people returning from abroad, and one should read the instruction on the kit and send the swap via rapid mail service to the lab. 
  • Day 2 and 8 Test: This is also a mandatory test, and people should follow the same process as for the day 2 test but repeat the process on day eight. 
  • Day 5 Test: This test is for the person who wants to reduce the quarantine period and get tested on day five.
  • Two other Tests: A home sample kit and supervised on-site testing.

What are Rt diagnostics Reviews:

Though RT diagnostic presents itself as the cheapest testing center in the united kingdom, some of the reviews indicate otherwise. has a rating of 2.5, which is an inferior grade according to the website.

Thirty-two reviews are available on, and most of the customers are complaining about the lab’s service. Some complain that they didn’t receive any kit for the two-day test, while others are still awaiting their test report.

Some of the customers whose review was written earlier are satisfied with the service of the laboratory, but recent reviews are mostly negative about the lab. Read here to know more about the diagnostic reviews follow this link.

Final verdict:

When writing this news article, Rt Diagnostics Reviews found some laboratory testing products out of stock, so people should consider it while ordering the test. 

As customer review is poor, people are advised to look for another alternative as well, and the lab should try to improve its customer and testing service to win the confidence of people.

If you have any experience with the RT diagnostic or other lab testing covid-19, please share it in the comment section and give your opinion about this review below.

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