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Rudolf Weigl Agent {Sep 2021} Know His Work Information!

Please read this article to know in detail about the work that made Rudolf Weigl Agent of life during World War II.

Are you aware of the scientific revolution that took place a century ago? Have you heard about the discovery in immunology that saved millions of lives? Do you know about the man behind the discovery of a vaccine to save lives during the war and holocaust? Then read this article to know everything about the man and his life-saving discovery.

Rudolf Weigl Agent was the saviour of India, the United States, Australia, and Germany during World War II, not because he was an agent in the real sense with blazing guns. Still, he was the agent for curing the epidemic Typhus that was killing millions in these countries.

Who was Rudolf Weigl?

Rudolf Stephan Jan Weigl was a Polish researcher. He was born on 2nd September 1883 and died on 11th August 1957. He was a physician and immunologist during his period and became a legend for his discovery. He catered to essential medicines during World War II and before that, his fame grew with his discovery. 

Rudolf Weigl Agent; the life-saving discovery:

The most notable work of Rudolf Weigl was the life-saving discovery of twofold. First, after discovering that lice were the primary carrier or vector of the Typhus epidemic by Charles Nicolle in 1909, in the year 1930, Rudolf Weigl carried on further to develop a technique for the typhus vaccine. Second, he also has done work closely on the vaccine for Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The discovery of the vaccine for Typhus was indeed his most notable discovery because during World War II, that made Rudolf Weigl Agent for life-saving. He first grew lice for about two weeks and then injected them with the typhus virus. Later, he grew lice again for about a week and then after the completion of the period, he extracted the midguts from the lice and ground them into a paste. This paste acted as an effective vaccine during World War II that helped saving the lives of soldiers and service-men on the battlefield.

The Controversy:

The controversy that arose after the discovery of the Typhus epidemic vaccine came as a twin arrow. Firstly, the question arose that Rudolf Weigl Agent for the life-saving vaccine was not his original work. Still, most of it was already discovered by his predecessor in 1909, and he had just used his name to gain fame. 

Secondly, when Nazi Germany occupied Poland, Rudolf Weigl was allowed to continue his vaccination work. Later, he also administered the vaccines to Nazi soldiers and the other soldiers.


The Typhus Epidemic was the most baffling disease during World War II, which took millions of lives. Therefore, it can only be concluded that even beyond all the controversies, Rudolf Weigl Agent for life-saving, made Google tribute him after a century of his work. You can know in detail about the Life and Work of Rudolf Weigl

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