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Ruins Greatsword Ring {March 2022} Explore The Weapon!

Gaming Tips Ruins Greatsword Ring

This news is the complete insight for accessing standard sword as a powerful skill in Ruins Greatsword Ring.

Are you excited to know about the colossal sort protected for Elden rings? Do you want to know the recent update for legendary weapons? If yes, then read below for more. 

Users from Worldwide are trying to figure out the news of the Greatsword. The Rubble is fragmented with meteoroids creating massive destruction.

The news below speaks about the damage provided by the weapon and other knowledge related to achieving Ruins Greatsword Ring.

What is Ruins Greatsword?

Ruins Greatsword are the sword of Colossal in the game, Elden Ring. It rules with the smartness and the strength. It grabs the excellence with enormous damage. It is found by defeating Crucible Knight and Misbegotten in the Elden Ring game. 

Ruins initially found this sword. As the player demands power, this fragmented weapon drops down from the sky. 

It has no grounds for gravitational force as a default weapon skill and runs with an incredible speed of 15 FP by winds.

Description of the weapon

  • Weight of the weapon 23 kg
  • Physical damage 124 rough
  • Surprising damage 37 as a magic power
  • Critical handling 100
  • Attack absorption 65
  • Self Defense as magic 55
  • Heat defence with Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build 50
  • Thunder defence 50
  • Scaling attributes B range STR and D cup INT
  • Achieving attributes 50 STR and 16 INT

Where Is The Excellent Sword Ring Found?

In the game of Elden ring, the swordcraft takes the help of a meteoroid ore blade which is a rare incidence to find. This world can provide immense strength and intelligence to the fighter. The user needs to visit certain places for availing the Elden ring sword!

The user must visit the divine town of Caelid and locate the dragon’s direction borrowed from God Slayers’ site. After entering the god skin tower, the client moves to the fortified mansion.

How to get Ruins Greatsword Ring

  • The user needs to work up through the castle NPC and represent the main cathedral about the red main idea to maintain the knight sword.
  • After encountering an inappropriate warrior, these words are introduced as a lightning weapon.
  • The user needs to fight the boss with strength and intelligence of D level to get the magic of ability is an incarnation in the sword.
  • After winning the enemies, their honourable PVP would provide the sword by Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build and other Armaments

Apart from the Elden ring, other legendary weapons are provided to the users. It is accomplished after completing the challenge of the land. Nine weapons are legendary achievements and can be availed only from the dragon barrow site in western lands. 


Concluding this news, we suggest our users play this most impressive game. Do you want assistance to grab success in this game? Click here for powerful assistance of Greatsword weapon from the waiver gold skill. Therefore, the user can avail twisting blades significance here. 

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Are you aware of the factual information of Ruins Greatsword Ring?

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