Russia Ukraine War Wiki 2022 {Feb} Why It’s Happened?

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This article provides expected information in detail about Russia Ukraine War Wiki 2022. Also, it provides helpful information and reason behind the conflicts.

When does the attack start? What is the reason behind the war? Is there any problem between Russia and Ukraine? Have a problem in sharing borders? 

Why has conflict started between the countries? Does Ukraine have sufficient military force? 

Does this war affect other countries like the United Kingdom, India, and the United States?

The army forces of Sea, land, and air has launched an overwhelming violent attack on UkraineVladimir Putin is president of Russia sending army forces to all the directions of the borders of Ukraine.

Let us see Russia Ukraine War Wiki 2022 in detail. 

Origin of the conflict:

Early 2021 conflict became out of control between Russia and Ukraine. In the last year, Joe Biden, US president, urged Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, to join NATO.

Because of this, Russia got angry and sent the army to the Ukraine border for training. Us President Joe Biden warned Russia for these actions.

Russia demanded legal binding for the west. And they guaranteed that NATO does not clutch any military forces in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Let us see the reasons in detail why Russia Ukraine War Wiki 2022 

What are NATO and its role?

NATO is nothing North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It means, group of counties together to work to make sure the security. Initially, there were 30 country members signed in NATO. 

NATO‘s structure is under the Military committee’s authority. 

It has two methods of commands: 

  • Allied Command Transformation (ACT) 
  • Allied Command Operations (ACO)

The main role of NATO is the assurance of security and freedom of its member. It supports the countries both military and politically.

Political NATO controls members and their democratic values. Military NATO ensures security-related issues and solves the problem to prevent conflicts. 

Why does Russia Ukraine War Wiki 2022 happen?

The statements mentioned earlier are not only the reason for the conflict. The conflicts started in the year 2014. At that time, Russia had occupied a wide area of Western Europe and Crimea. In the war, more than 14,000 people have died.

After that, Ukraine and Russia had a contract for the Minsk peace to stop the conflict. 

But the war has never come to an end.

The European Union announced that NATO signed countries are joined with the US. These joined entities are against Russia. Like this, the conflict continues Russia Ukraine War Wiki 2022.

In 2022 February, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, decided to conduct a special military operation between Russia and Ukraine. As a result, the military agency estimated approximately 100,000 Ukrainians absconded from their homes. 

Russia stopped carrying out missiles on the Ukraine capital Kyiv on 25th Feb, 2022. 

Russia asked Ukraine to surrender in the recent update of the war in 2022. 


The conflict between these two countries affects economics all over the world. And also, there is no life security for the people in Ukraine.

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