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Sas Airlines Strike Pilot {July 2022} Reveal the Facts!

The article discusses the recent Sas Airlines Strike Pilot and its economic matters and reasons and presents an update on the resume negotiation.

Do you know about the pilot strike at SAS Airlines? It enters into the third week. The authority of the Scandinavian company is already discussing the matter with the pilot’s union. But till the time there is no positive outcome we find. The strike affects the aviation system worldwide

The last meeting was done on 16 July 2022 (Saturday). But for the strike, the commuters are facing lots of problems. It is a summer vacation in the Scandinavian countries. But the Sas Airlines Strike Pilot has agreed to resume the negotiation.

What are the Reasons for the Strike? 

The strike started on 4 July 2022 (Monday). On this day, a meeting was held between the pilot’s union and the Sas Authority. But the meeting was stopped on the pay deal improvement. The pilot union is demanding improved pay packages for all the crew staff. There are 1000 crew members associated with the block. 

On the other hand, the Chief Executive of Sas, Anko Van Der Werff, has described the discussion as going on. But this sudden strike made a massive loss to the aviation industry. 

Sas Airlines Strike Pilot– The Recent Situation

As per the report recently, the Scandinavian aviation industry is facing 9 million USD each day. As you know, it is the summer vacation time in these countries. Many people are travelling particularly at this time. But the strike has halted the people from enjoying the holidays. 

For the last fifteen days, the company has had to cancel more than a hundred flights for the strike. Meanwhile, the authority claimed bankruptcy insurance in the first week of July. Now, many experts are watching the situation and know what will be updated on strike. 

Sas Airlines Strike Pilot– The Aftermath of the Situation

Many financial experts are stating the strike will destroy the growth of the airline business. Already the investors are facing 700 million losses for the strike. Meanwhile, for the strike, the aviation company needs more than 300 billion in restructuring value from the investors. 

The organization is also checking its share values that have already dropped due to the strike. However, the authority tries to improve the negotiation plans with the union. But no solutions are found to stop the deal. The passengers are also facing great trouble for the Sas Airlines Strike Pilot

Why is the News Trending in Every News Sector? 

The government of Denmark and Sweden has a 21.8 per cent stake in the SAS. For the strike, the company’s share price is dropping daily. It is essential for both Swedish and Danish authorities. The news was also circulating and shared on social media platforms. Many other unions also support the pilots and crews for their decision to start the new negotiation with authority. 

At Last

Meanwhile, the Government of Denmark has decided to add their hold into the equity for the recent Sas Airlines Strike PilotSweden’s government also agrees to the conversion at this moment. So, we need to check the update of the strike negotiation.

The information is taken from trusted online sources. But if you are interested in the news, you can check the link. Do you face any problem for the strike? Please answer.  

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