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Sasneaklab Store Reviews [June] – Safe Product Or Not!

Sasneaklab Store Reviews [June] – Safe Product Or Not! -> This review has all the details of a website that sells bicycles online.

Do you love bicycle riding? If yes, then you must know the joy that comes from riding a bicycle of good quality.

It is difficult to find bikes that last throughout the years. There are many online websites that promise to sell the best bikes. One such website is Sasneaklab Store. However, there are very few Sasneaklab Store Reviews on the internet, and most of them don’t give many details.

It is important to read reviews of a website before shopping there. It prevents you from being scammed in the United States. So read this review to find out everything about Sasneaklab Store.

What Is The Sasneaklab Store?

Sasneaklab Store is an online e-commerce website that sells different kinds of bicycles. The website is easy to navigate as it neatly categorizes bicycles based on their type.

It has different categories, such as road, mountain, cruiser, electric, kids, hybrid, etc. Every product has a detailed description that can guide you to decide if the product fits your needs.

It also has a special feature that allows you to magnify a particular part of the bicycle to examine it. All the products have high discounts that enable you to buy the product while maintaining your budget.

The website has a bicycle for every need. So you can choose the one that fulfills your needs easily.

Specifications Of Sasneaklab Store:

  • Product: Bicycles
  • Email: support@oxborder.com
  • Returns: Applicable within 90 days after receipt (conditions apply)
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Exchange policy: Not mentioned
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Shipping time: Not mentioned
  • Contact Number: (+1)  213 6968519
  • Contact Address: C1903 G.C. Road Los Angeles California United States
  • Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal

Pros Of Buying Bicycles From Sasneaklab Store:

  • You can get bikes at low prices
  • Every bike has a clear description that gives all the details
  • You can magnify a particular area on the bike image just by touching it
  • You get multiple payment options
  • They have different kinds of bicycles on the website 
  • The website is easy to navigate

Cons Of Buying Bicycles From Sasneaklab Store:

  • There is no option for cash on delivery
  • You cannot exchange the product after buying it
  • They don’t have a shipping policy page
  • You cannot return products that are customized for you
  • Time of delivery is unknown
  • They don’t have active social media

Is Sasneaklab Store Legit?

Sasneaklab Store started at the beginning of June 2020. As a result, it didn’t even complete a month since it started. 

The website doesn’t have all the necessary pages that a website should possess. It lacks the shipping policy page and the terms and conditions page.

They don’t have active pages on any social media platform. The social media icons on the website do not lead to their social media pages. They are ‘share buttons’ that let you share the link of the website.

Due to the above reasons, we cannot trust the website yet.

What Are People Saying About The Sasneaklab Store?

There are only a few reviews about Sasneaklab Store. Some are positive, while others are negative. Many websites warn people to stay away from it because it is a new website. However, there is no proof of the website scamming people yet.

The customers can rate and review the products on the website. However, there are no reviews left by customers on the product.

Moreover, it doesn’t have any active social media presence. So if anyone wants to ask a query, they must call or email them. These modes of communication are generally not preferred by people in the age of social media.

Since the website is completely new, it is difficult to get a general public opinion about it.

Final Verdict:

Most of the time, the price of bicycles doesn’t go below $100 even on discounts. So the low prices of the bicycles sold on Sasneaklab Store give rise to suspicion.

Many scam websites usually fool people by offering products at extremely low prices. Even though Sasneaklab Store has no record of scamming people yet, it doesn’t mean that the website won’t scam anyone in the future.

Moreover, Sasneaklab Store needs to update itself to come across as a legit website. It also needs to build a strong social media presence to gain the trust of people in a short period of time.

Until then, it is better to look for other alternatives to buy bicycles.

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