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With new Halloween events in Warzone and Black Ops-Cold War, if you want to know about Scare Cold War How to Get, read this article until the end.

The Haunting has returned as the Call of Duty Halloween event on 19th October 2021. Did you know that this event will introduce Donnie Darko, Scream and the Cold War scare package challenge in the game? Players from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada want to know how to obtain Scare packs. Did you know that scare packs are available at different places? So, let’s find out about – Scare Cold War How to Get.

Call of Duty Haunting:

The Haunting will last till 2nd November 2021. The Haunting event features deceased Call of Duty players transformed into Zombies. The Haunting event caters for plenty of limited edition Halloween gifts. 

The Halloween update includes skins for Ghostface from the Scream film and the Rabbit – Frank from the film Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko skin will be included for a limited time. The Haunting also features 4 epic rare items, and Sky is Falling moves, 3 Legendary Weapon – 1 Assault Rifle, 1 SMG, and 1 Sniper Rifle. 

Scare Cold War How to Get:

Know about scares in a new Nuketown Halloween 6v6 multiplayer map and a new game mode called Ghosts of Verdansk.

  • The scare package in the Cold War challenge allows you to access special rewards. It is located at different places in different game modes. 
  • In the zombies mode, the Scare packs spawn randomly on the Halloween map.
  • If you get a call in a care package in multiplayer mode, you may get a Scare pack. But, you may have to claim more call care packages to increase the chances of getting a Scare.
  • There are rare chances that Scare Cold War How to Get will spawn in multiplayer mode, appearing in red coloured loot boxes.
  • The chances of getting Scare packs are rare. But, they are easy to obtain in Zombie mode when compared to multiplayer mode.
  • As per player experiences, the rarity of calls in a care pack compared to the Scare pack is in the ratio of 5:1, respectively.
  • There are good chances of finding a Scare pack in Nuketown Halloween.
  • But, lesser information about the Scary pack had made it more special and made it a true Halloween suspense by making players wonder about Scare Cold War How to Get.
  • If you get a Scary pack, you will be rewarded with a rare Slash-O-Lantern sticker. But, players had reported that the Scary packs were empty. So, you may have to claim more scary packs to get the sticker.
  • The empty Scare Packs had disappointed the players, and many of them had quit the game due to frustration.


There is less guidance to obtain a Scare pack except that it appears re-skinned red; Once you call them, a helicopter flies by the area with lights, and scary Halloween music will play once you are above to obtain Scare Cold War How to Get. The Scary pack has a handle on the top.

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