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Sciencemart.Co Reviews – Unique Jewellery Or Another Scam!

Sciencemart.Co Reviews – Unique Jewellery Or Another Scam!

As you are looking for posts around reviews, you must have a good interest in Science. This online store is nowadays gaining notable popularity among science lovers. In the United States, there are lots of customers.

What is this sciencemart online store? 

This science mart is one of its kind online store which sales several unique jewellery products designed over some scientific concept. Its website, is gaining a good number of visitors every day.

Here, you can order a Dino Bracelet, Hemoglobin Necklace, and also, DNA Adjustable Ring. Like these, there are several unique names in its best-selling jewellery products.

However, we noticed that several customers have written in their science mart reviews about a lesser number of products. It might be a new online store. And, the team behind it should have been trying to increase product count.

Well, one can order Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, Earrings, and Belt from its website. And, everything will be attached to some science term or concept.

Is there anything like sciencemart scam?

Sciencemart is all about a unique idea. Thus, its possible consumers will be less in numbers. As a result of it, we have not found much of sciencemart reviews to read. Customers have shared about this online store in social media. Lots of them were quite positive and excited about this new initiative. Few have appreciated it as a tool to raise people’s interest in science.

However, few customers were not that pleasant about its product delivery service and also about the quality of products.

We have also found that its website is not well documented. Pretty less information has been given over the About Us page and Contact Us page. Such an act is not suitable for trust-building. Hence, the doubt of a scam is obvious. Well, it does have an SSL certificate and safe payment method associated with its product order mechanism.

Thus, we can’t count it as a scam. But, we can’t even deny the possibility of risk and bad experience.

Final Verdict Over Sciencemart

With the help of this post, we have tried to give you a brief idea about this store and a sum-up of all available reviews. Indeed, it has an excellent idea. But, the execution of that idea is raising doubts.

We can’t recommend it as an excellent online store. First, the quality of its website is not that much good. Second, few customers were negative about its service. Thus, we would recommend going to some reputed store like Amazon. There also, you can get some unique jewellery items.

Well, we attempted to share a review of this sciencemart online store.

If you have ever ordered from this store, share your experience in comments. Tell us about your side of the story and also, mention a few words about our post. We love to understand your point of view and appreciate two way to communicate over this website.


  1. I placed an order with them on March 9th and still have not received my order as of March 27th. Getting worried I got scammed. I emailed customer support today and am waiting to hear back from them.

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