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Scorpion Magic Charm {March 2022} Know Where to Find It

Gaming Tips Scorpion Magic Charm

This news article is based on information associated with Scorpion Magic Charm and other notable specifications.

Have you ever played the online game Elden Ring? Which weapon made a way to your game’s strength? If you are a fan of the Elden Ring game, this article is interesting. People from places like the United States, and Canada, are curious about the game’s new additions.

In this article, you will come by information related to the location of Scorpion Magic Charm in the Elden Ring game. 

Where to find the Charm Elden Ring

To get the Magic Scorpio Charm, you need to read the given points:

  • Players have to kill Rennala and Radahn in the Elden Ring. After killing both of them, start your quest at Ranni. Ranni will introduce Seluvis.
  • Converse with Seluvis and give a tour to the basement, then give the potion of warrior Chick Nepali. Then go to Albaraunics village and kill the boss of the village. 
  • Going back to Seluvis, he will ask for amber starlight hidden in the hole. 
  • After taking the starlight, Seluvis will give the Magic Scorpion Charm. 

Notable tips for Elden Ring Magic Scorpion Charm

Here is some internal information regarding the Talisman in Elden Ring game named Magic Scorpion Charm:

  • Magic attack power increases by 12%.
  • Buff stacks with Magic Shrouding Cracked Tears.
  • Increases physical magic by 10%.
  • Players cannot receive Talisman if it is given to Ranni the witch; Seluvis is the one who can let you take the Magic Scorpion Charm.
  • Players should visit the church of vows with celestial dew; it can repair the questline of Ranni. In case someone does not want to sever relations in the start. 

Still many players are still confused about what Charm Scorpion Magic is! So let us give you a briefing on the same.

What is Scorpion Magic Charm

Magic scorpion charm is a Talisman in the game Elden Ring. The developers specially design this equipment. It increases the power of magic attacks, although it lowers the damage negation in the game. Magic scorpion charm has a magic attack power of 12%. Players can use the Talismans to increase the variety of stats. 

There are many other Talismans similar to Magic Scorpio charm; some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Longtail cat Talisman
  • Lightning Scorpio charm
  • Crimson amber medallion
  • Lord of blood’s exultation
  • Godkin swaddling cloth 

Let’s move further to know the trending news of Elden Ring Magic Scorpion Charm.

Why is this game Trending?

This online game is trending as it introduces new weapons to players. These new weapons have doubled the fun of playing. Talismans have launched the game; Magic Scorpion Charm is one of those powerful talismans. 

Players worldwide, including the United Kingdom, and Australia, have been curious about the Talisman. 

Final verdict

The game Elden Ring has many upgrades and specifications yet to be revealed. The weapons present in the game are interesting with ultimate powers. After discussing Magic Scorpion Charm, we concluded that Scorpion Elden Ring Magic Charm would be fun to find. 

Which Elden Ring level do you find challenging? Have you already found Scorpion Magic Charm? Let us know your views in the comment section below. For more information related to Talisman Magic Scorpion Charm, click here.

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