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Sebastian Lletget Sister (Jan) Read About The Tragedy

Sebastian Lletget Sister (Jan) Read About The Tragedy >> Here is everything to know about the tragic passing away of the sister of the popular soccer player.

It is said that the worse day of loving someone is the day you lose them forever. We all are aware that wherever we are from being it the United States or any other country, we all will bid our farewell to this world and leave behind our loved ones one day or another. 

However, it hits hard when our loved ones are taken away from us cruelly without getting a chance to say our final goodbye. Such a tragedy struck soccer player Sebastian Lletget when he recently lay to rest his young sister.

On account of this, let’s find out what happened to Sebastian Lletget Sister.

A Few Lines about the Player 

One name that is celebrated in the world of soccer is, no doubt, Sebastian Lletget. He was born on 3 September 1992 in the United States (specifically California). However, even though he is born in America, his family was Argentine.

His passion for soccer was visible from an early age, and the first step towards the soccer world was through Sporting Santa Clara of Silicon Valley. He has many achievements that started with playing for the national team at under 17, 20, and 23 levels. Currently, he is known to play for LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

About Sebastian Lletget Sister

Lletget is not the only child and has three sisters as siblings. The names of his siblings are Vanessa, Valeria, and Viviana. Unfortunately, out of these sisters, Lletget lost his sister Viviana to the tragedy that struck them. 

Viviana was a 36-year-old who was described as an incredible sister and a friend by people who interacted with her during her lifetime. She completed her degree in May 2017 from the University of California, Berkeley. As a proud brother, Lletget has put up a post congratulating his late sister on her achievements and wishing her all the luck for the future.

Sebastian Lletget Sister was also known for her open support to the indigenous revolution and her voice in black life matters. She was also a strong supporter of Anti- Asian rhetoric. 

Details of the Tragedy

The departure of such a beautiful soul is hard on anyone who personally knew her and people who get to know more about her through information such as these. The news of her sudden demise was given by her brother Sebastian Lletget. 

However, the cause of her passing away was not mentioned or clarified to the general public yet. The speculations on social media are that Sebastian Lletget Sister passed away in a car accident. The investigation is going through, and it is way too early to say anything about the cause of death.

Closing Thoughts

As mentioned, the cause of death is yet to be known as the investigation is ongoing on the case. The family and friends are too stunned to comment on the incident publicly. Therefore, we would ask everyone to keep supporting the family in these darkest times and give them much-needed space to grieve the departure of such a pure soul. Are you not familiar with who Sebastian Lletget is? Read here. 

How do you feel when you learned about Sebastian Lletget Sister? Would you please share with us what your thoughts and feelings are in the comment section? 

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