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Sec Baseball Standings 2022 {May} Explore Complete List!

This article will give you brief details on SEC Baseball Standings 2022. Scroll down to know more details.

Are you excited about the 2022 baseball tournament? Do you know the standings? If you are a baseball fan, you may know that the Sec baseball tournament is on its way. The 2022 sec baseball tournament will be starting from 24 May 2022 to 29 May 2022 in Hoover, Alabama, United States.

 The tournament will be featured on television channels like ESPN2 and SEC Network. Let’s move further to know more details on SEC Baseball Standings 2022.

Sec 2022 standings

The list of 2022 Sec standing is stated below: –

SEC East

  • Tennessee: Conf- 23-5, Conf%- .821, overall- 47-7, Road- 11-2, home- 34-3.
  • Vanderbilt: Conf- 14-14, conf%- .500, overall- 35-17, Road- 12-7, home- 22-10,
  • Florida: Conf- 14-14, conf%- .500, overall- 34-19, home- 21-10, roac-12-9,
  • Georgia: Conf- 14-14, Conf%- .500, overall- 34-19, , home- 22-8, road- 10-9

SEC west

  • Arkansas: conf 18-10, conf%- .643, overall-38-14, home- 29-7, road-7-6
  •  Texas A&M: conf- 18-10, conf%- .643, overall -34-16, home- 22-9, road- 11-5
  •  Auburn: Conf-15-11,Conf%- .577, Overall- 36-16, home-22-9, road- 10-6
  •  LSU: Conf-15-13, Conf%- .536, overall -35-18, home- 26-9, road- 8-7

SEC Baseball Tournament 2022

The southern baseball conference tournament will be held in Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. The tournament includes 12 teams. The tournament has been taking place each year(except in 2020) since 1977. LSU won the most tournaments with 12 championships. A few of the left standings are mentioned below.

  • Sec East- South Carolina: Conf-12-16 , Conf%- .429, overall- 26-26, road-4-13, home- 21-12.
  • Kentucky: Conf-10-17, Conf%-.370, overall-28-23, road- 7-13, home- 21-10
  • Missouri: Conf-9-19, Conf%-.321, Overall- 27-22, road- 9-14, home- 18-8.
  • Sec west- Ole Miss: Conf-13-15, conf%- .464, overall- 31-20, home- 18-11, road-12-8
  •  Alabama: Conf-10-17, Conf-.370 , overall – 27-25, home-20-11, road- 7-14
  •  Mississippi State: Conf-9-19, Conf%-.321, overall-26-28 , home- 18-12, road-17-13.

SEC Baseball Standings 2022 will be starting soon in a few days. The standings are mentioned above. Players can watch the tournament on the channels stated here.

Why is SEC baseball trending?

SEC Baseball is a tournament that will take place from 24 May 2022- to 29 May 2022. Baseball is a world-famous sport. There are more than millions of fans of baseball who work hard to become baseball players. The SEC baseball takes place each year, and a single team wins the championship.

There are twelve teams in the 2022 baseball tournament. Numerous people worldwide are thrilled over the beginning of the tournament. SEC Baseball Standings 2022 is trending as fans have started cheering up their favorite team. Everyone is curious about the tournament to get started.


This article will give you plenty of details on the SEC baseball tournament. Baseball will be starting within a few days. The details regarding the tournament are mentioned in this article. Also, you will find the standings for the 2022 tournament. You can go through the article to know more details. Visit this page to know more about SEC baseball.

What are your views on SEC Baseball Standings 2022? Comment in the comment section.

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