Select Auto Protect Extended Warranty Review 2022

Select Auto Protect Extended Warranty Online Review

Select Auto Protect extended warranty review has various warranty plans to help you find the right solution. You don’t need to worry about prepayment because the company pays the mechanic’s bill directly. You can also use an ASE-certified mechanic to get repairs done, and the company will pay the repair bill directly. Since there is no need to concern yourself with prepayment for repairs, you don’t have to pay for them either. 

Select Auto Protect: In Short

Three Select Auto Protect plans are available to fit your budget, including a $100 deductible. If you add Select Auto Protect to an existing policy, you can protect yourself against various dangers, including mechanical failure, vandalism, and weather. Select Auto Protect is available as a standalone plan or an add-on to an existing policy. What sorts of mishaps are covered by Select Auto Protect?

If your vehicle is damaged due to weather, vandalism, or mechanical failure, Select Auto Protect will compensate for repairs or replacements. It also provides liability coverage if someone is injured or damaged as a result of your negligence while driving. Automatic protection selection does not include accidents or complete claims. To learn more about selecting automatic protection, continue reading. You may also like to read more Select Auto Protect testimonials.

Select Auto Protect Warranty Plans

Select Auto Protect’s three warranty programs, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, are available for your vehicle. For each subscription, you may choose between three years/35,000 miles or five years/70,000 miles of coverage. All plans have a $100 monthly deductible. Damages and includes compensation for towing costs and car rental. 

  • Select Silver

Select Silver is the most straightforward plan for a company. It includes coverage for engines, transmission, cooling systems, braking systems, electrical systems, drive shafts, circuit breakers, gas filling, roadside assistance, and car rentals. 

  • Select Gold

The Select Gold plan extends the auto warranty to the steering system and adds lockout assistance.

  • Select Platinum

Everything in the Select Gold plan is included in the company’s Select Platinum plan. ABS brakes, air conditioning, heater systems, fuel systems, turbochargers/superchargers, high-tech equipment, front suspensions, rear suspensions, and AWD/four-wheel drive are all covered under the Select Gold plan.

Other Add Ons

Selecting Auto Protect does not provide add-ons to the extended warranty plan.

Warranty Plan Exclusions

All plans have a waiting period of 30 days or 1,000 miles before coverage begins. The cover does not cover normal wear and tear due to negligent maintenance on your part.

Select Auto Protect Coverage

All makes and models are covered under Select Auto Protect, and the company covers cars of all years. Warranty status is required on your vehicle. No personal attention is required for the automatic protection option. It would be best if you told them your VIN and mileage. The company does not specify which states it does not operate in. 

Select Auto Protect: Pricing

The Select Auto Protect website does not provide information about rates, fees, deductibles, or other charges. You can get a free quote online on the leading site, but when you submit the form, it displays a ‘thank you message and notice that your message has been sent. It is highly dependent on the vehicle’s age, mileage, and higher coverage levels to determine the price of your warranty plan. To get a better idea of the value of your subscription, compare it with this figure.

These rates are competitive in the industry, especially if you seek a five-year plan. All subscriptions require full prepayment at the time of purchase, but you can cancel prorated refunds at any time. You can also cancel your subscription within the first 30 days for a full refund. 

Claim with Select Auto Protect

Select Auto Protect doesn’t restrict the number of claims you can make, nor the amount of money they will pay. Take your vehicle to an ASE-certified mechanic and provide warranty information. The mechanic called Select Auto Protect and paid the repair bill—$100 plus the deductible—over the phone. Select Auto Protect provides 24/7 automatic coverage for accidents. 

What makes Select Auto Protect unique?

The Select Auto Protect policy is simple and protects your car and your wallet in case of a mechanical issue. The company does not stipulate that your vehicle does not require a certain age or mileage as long as it is in good condition. They will reimburse as much as they can. After you purchase a new subscription, you may request a refund within 30 days. Furthermore, you may compare the costs of competing for complete car warranty services to see whether you got a better deal. 

Help and Support

You can get a quote anytime, day or night, through phone or email, for Select Auto Protect’s protection package. Within minutes of calling, you will be connected with a representative. Furthermore, Select Auto Protect has an FAQ page. 

Is Select Auto Protect Legitimate?

Despite the fact that the Better Business Bureau does not accredit Select Auto Protect, it has received a rating of 4.9 stars from Trustpilot after 100 customer reviews. gives it a 4.8-star rating. 

Bottom Line

Select Auto Protect provides a range of discounted vehicle warranty plans through major insurance businesses. The Select Auto Protect website is easy to use. You can get warranty coverage 24 hours a day via Select Auto Protect.

Select Auto Protect has a good reputation for transparency. If you are eligible for a discount, you might be eligible if you have a claim on your driver’s license, are a student driver, or are retired. You may receive a discount if you have a claim on your driver’s license, are a student driver on your insurance, or are retired.

You may purchase an extended warranty for a vehicle up to five years or 70,000 miles. If you have a claim, the company will pay for the repairs. You do not have to wait for a refund. The company compares competitors’ rates over the phone and provides an online tool to help you get the quote. 

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