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Gift Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy to Your Parents this Diwali

When there are festivities around the corner, there are always discussions related to the gifts that one should give to their loved ones. Festivals give everyone a chance to make our loved ones feel special, but if you plan to follow the same tradition of gifting clothes, sweets, or gadgets to your parents, think for a moment. All these gifts have become mundane and not very useful for your elderly parents, especially when they have reached the age where their good health should be your prime concern. 

What about gifting something thoughtful this time? What if we suggest HEALTH INSURANCE?

Medical expenses have been rising exorbitantly, which can be troublesome for you and your parents during any unforeseen medical emergencies. If you cannot decide what you should gift your parents this Diwali, think one more time about what can help them at their vulnerable age. And we can bet- nothing can be a more thoughtful option than a comprehensive health insurance plan for senior citizens to gift your parents this Diwali.  

Reasons Why One Should Buy Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

As per studies, Diwali causes a 30% rise in air pollution throughout India. Numerous airborne illnesses, including asthma symptoms, cardiac problems, respiratory issues, coronavirus, neurological disorders, and skin allergies amongst the elderly, are brought on by various contaminants that poison the atmosphere.

Exorbitant medical costs during the outbreak might wreck the finances. Therefore, having a broad health insurance policy will protect your parents in the event of a medical emergency brought on by an unexpected disease.

Below are the reasons why you should buy senior citizen mediclaim policy before Diwali:

  • Intended for individuals between the ages of 60 and 75 with no pre-policy medical examination.
  • Hassle-free prepaid hospital at the moment of crises that may happen owing to air quality, lighting fireworks, high blood sugar levels etc.
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization costs are reimbursed. Daycare therapies like dialysis, cancer treatment, eye diseases, stone surgery, and much more are encased. If bedrooms are not accessible in medical centers, home nursing hospitalisation is offered. 
  • Paramedics costs are reimbursed. Annual wellness exams for insured representatives are provided. 
  • Financial responsibility is lessened. Fast assistance is provided in the event of a crisis related to coronavirus.

The ‘no claim bonus’ feature gives the policyholders an increased sum insured for each claim-free year. The accumulated benefits provide sufficient financial cushion

Helps in Accessing Preventive Healthcare

For elderly parents, you need to focus on preventive healthcare measures as well. Through frequent doctor visits and medical check-ups, health problems are nipped in the bud before they become serious. With a senior citizen health insurance plan, one can avail of annual health check-ups in a policy year, which is truly advantageous.

Reduces Your Dependence on Family Floater Plans

You are likely to pay a higher premium if you include your senior citizen parents in a family floater health Insurance plan. The eldest family member’s age is a major factor affecting the premium. Moreover, as the sum insured is shared among the family members, it may prove inadequate and pose difficulties during an unforeseen emergency. Hence, it is recommended that one should always exclude senior citizens from their family floater plans. 

Helps in Saving Tax

Finally, the policyholder can also avail of tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. One is eligible for a tax deduction up to Rs 50,000 on the insurance premium. 


You must be careful and conscious of the risks during celebrations like Diwali because of the toxic environment, which is dangerous for the old, particularly those with pre-existing diseases. Give them a medical insurance policy as a result to shield them from the negative effects of the harmful atmosphere both during celebrations and otherwise.

Try out Care Health Insurance’s elder population medigap insurance, which offers your parents or other older family members the most comprehensive protection at a very reasonable rate. Through their site, you may compare immediate estimates as well as the characteristics and advantages of their health insurance policies. It offers it simple for you to choose to get a health insurance policy that safeguards the wellbeing of your parents and is a good financial decision for you and your home.

Disclosure: Because circumstances may change, feel free to read the pamphlet and booklet for additional information about the benefits of our medical insurance products.

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