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Sepwalk Reviews {March 2022} Is It Scam Or Safe Site?

Do you want to know about the online site Sepwalk. Read our article on Sepwalk Reviews and get a clear idea about its whereabouts.

The shoe is an essential commodity in anyone’s life. So, people choose shoes from various aspects. The present time is online time. So customers like to buy shoes from online shops.  

Here is an online shoe store that is famous among buyers. The name of the shop is Sepwalk. They started their operations in 2009 in the traditional way. The store is very famous in the United States.

Many people are buying their shoes from this store. But need to focus on the hardcore information and data about the store. So, we will do proper Sepwalk Reviews for our readers. 

What is Sepwalk.com? 

Sleepwalk is an online shoe store operating for more than 10 years in the market. Sepwalk offers affordable prices and good quality shoes to the customers.

As per the website, Sepwalk is a very customer-oriented online shop. The most crucial factor is they offer stylish and designable shoes to the buyers.

 You can buy both gents and ladies shoes. In the store, you will get different types of shoes. If you want kid’s shoes, you can find many varieties from the store.

Due to its many proclamation and features, we need to understand whether it Is Sepwalk Legit or not? 

The Salient Elements of Sepwalk.com

We can understand the above point by the following discussion.

Domain Inception Date – 14/08/2021

  • URL of the Website– https://www.sepwalk.com/  
  • Official Address– 820 W Stacy Rd #365 Allen, TX 7501. 

Types of Products – Shoes for men, women and kids. You can also buy various kinds of sports shoes. 

  • Phone Number– No data. 
  • Payments Mode– Visa, Paypal, Master Card and Discover. 
  • Return Rules– 30 days policy. 
  • Refund Norms– Conditional refund option available. 
  • Item Exchange Policy– They offer 30 days exchange policy. 
  • Shipping Charge– It depends on location and is not free at all. 

Delivery Rule – As per the Sepwalk Reviewsit is not mentioned correctly. 

  • Social Media Presence– Not active on social media. 

The Basic Reasons of Buying from Sepwalk

  1. You can get different types of shoes.
  2. Sepwalk offers a wide range of shoes like sports shoes, running shoes, football shoes, basketball shoes etc. 
  3. The price is reasonable as the website. 
  4. Sepwalk provides a 20-70 per cent discount and free delivery options on special days.

The Cons Buying from Sepwalk.com

But as per our research, many negative points indicate you not to buy from the shop. 

  1. The Sepwalk Reviews says they have been in operation since 2009, but they started their online features in 2021. 
  2. Sepwalk offers a conditional refund and returns options. 
  3. Sepwalk has no social media presence. That is very unusual nowadays. 
  4. On the website, they don’t have any contact (phone) number. Yes, Sepwalk has mentioned two email ids, but there should be a phone number. 
  5. They don’t offer any customer care department’s number. 
  6. We don’t find any customers’ feedback on the website. 
  7. Delivery date or timings are not cleared on the website. 

 Is Sepwalk Legit? 

Now we need to dig out some information about the site’s legitimacy. 

Domain Date: As per the research, they open online operating on 14 August 2021. 

  • Trust Score- Unfortunately, they have just a 1 per cent trust score.  
  • Contact Details- On the website, you find their office address and email id. But the phone number is absent. 
  • Owner’s Details- Not available. 
  • Social Media Icons- Social media icons are not available on the site. 
  • Customer Review- We don’t locate any buyer’s feedback on the website. 
  • Website Policy- The website policy is mixed. As per our Sepwalk ReviewsSepwalk is not clearly mentioned on shipping protocols or charges. The website doesn’t show a clear explanation of the shipping date.  

The Buyer’s Review

As per our research, we don’t find any buyer’s feedback on the official website of Sepwalk. 

From the other source is concerned we get an abysmal review about this online shop. More than 92 per cent of buyers give a bad trust score. So you can buy various types shoes  from any trusted site is good idea for you. 

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The Last Declaration

We have done Sepwalk Reviews and our research on Sepwalk.com. But we find no precise data on the site, and we also get the wrong customer’s feedback about Sepwalk. 

So, after searching all the data, our suggestion is to avoid the site. Don’t buy anything from Sepwalk and wait for the following review. 

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11 thoughts on “Sepwalk Reviews {March 2022} Is It Scam Or Safe Site?

  1. I ordered 2 months ago and I don’t recive my order yet, no body answer me in sepwalk.com someone help me!!!

    1. Hello Gabriela Palacios! Thank you for posting and updating your valuable review here for this online podium. Yes, it is also mentioned in the blog to avoid this site. You may deal as per your payment mode or may report at your respective area cell. Stay Safe! Take Care!

  2. I think it is smart to not trust these sites. I’ve done a lot of research before buying online and when I saw this, its definitely suspicious since I first saw the site GtxRun, by searching the name of a product in google. Now it turns out, this shoe is not even released yet meaning they are creating fakes. I then went to images and saw the exact same shoes picture on a different site. This is when I stumbled into Sepwalk. I notice that Sepwalk and GtxRun have the EXACT SAME SITE except for names, email, and address. I also discovered another twin which is ReactRun. All these sites are all the same. I feel like they are all manage under 1 scamming company or group. I suggest not buying products from their website and not to be tempted by their low prices.

  3. Indeed unfortunately I ordered from them and this is a scam! Be careful !!
    I placed an order for shoes and indeed I received a message that the delivery was out and even a tracking number, this morning I collected the package and instead of a Nike Air Gorden worth $ 100 I received a black wool hat

    1. Hello Vesna! Thank you for sharing and updating your concern here. It is requested to you detail your experience with this online shopping site so that others may also learn its truth. You may report o the authorities of your area or deal according to the payment means. Thank You! Take Care!

      1. Sepwalk is 100 percent scam. I have the details of my order and the scam which they did. Never buy from them.

  4. Sepwalk is 100 percent scam. I have the details of my order and the scam which they did. Never buy from them.

    1. Hello Abdullah Muhammad! Thank you for updating everyone about the truth and reality of this online shopping platform. Your review is precious and beneficial. Stay Safe! Have a Nice Day!

    1. Hi, We understand your concern, but our research has analyzed that this website is not legit. Therefore we suggest, if possible, you can proceed with the customer support of this portal to cancel your order if paid via online mode.

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