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Serafine Shop Reviews (Feb 2021) Is It A Scam or Not?

Serafine Shop Reviews (Feb 2021) Is It A Scam or Not? >> This article is an initiative to inform you about a platform dealing with multiple products and claiming to have the lowest prices.

Are you looking for the website review dealing with multiple categories, offering hundreds of options?

We bring you the details of Serafine Shop Reviews below. It is an online platform offering various products and claiming to have the best lowest prices. This webstore operates from the United Statesand people are looking for legitimacy to confirm their order.

We bring you some facts and details about its authenticity, which will give you clarity on whether it is a safe platform or just a scam?

Read the article till the end to reveal whether the products in your website’s cart are worth the amount or not and Is Serafine Shop Legit or Scam?

What is Serafine Shop?

As already mentioned, Serafine is an online webstore dealing with multiple categories, varying from Cellophane, telecommunications to cars and electronics. Once you visit the page, you will notice multiple tabs offering heavy discounts on the products. They claim to provide you with the product at even less than 50% of the prices.

The website offers options on beauty, health, boat, other vehicles, cell phones, shoes, bodybuilding, fitness equipment, baby and toddler toys, toy vehicles, mother and kids, car electronics, and home improvement products.

These are a large number of categories offered by the website. To reveal the website’s facts, scroll down for Serafine Shop Reviews.

Specifications of Serafine Shop:

  • Website: As already mentioned, it deals with multiple categories.
  • Email: CaraWagstaff1484@gmail.com
  • Address: 7, Butterfield Street, Thornleigh, NSW 2120.
  • Contact Number: (+61) 492548426
  • Shipping Time:1-3 business Days.
  • Shipping Cost: No information available.
  • Delivery: 1-7 Business Days, Depends on The Location.
  • Cancellation: Within 24 hours of Order Placement.
  • Returns/Exchange: 30-day Return Policy.
  • Refund: No Information Available.
  • Mode of Payment: Via Wide Transfer or Money Orders.

These are some of the website’s specifications a visitor must be aware of for a better shopping experience. Scroll Down Serafine Shop Reviews to reveal some of its pros and cons.

Pros of Serafine Shop:

  • The website deals with numerous categories, thus an all-in-one stop for the customers.
  • The site offers huge discount on its products.
  • They have mentioned all the elaborated details about their products on the webpage.

Cons of Serafine Shop:

  • Social Media links mentioned on the webpage are not accessible.
  • The address mentioned on the website leads to a residence.
  • They have not mentioned a few details about shipping costs and refund policies.

Is Serafine Shop Legit?

We have researched various factors to conclude about the legitimacy of the website. We have mentioned them all below for your clarity.

Starting from scratch, the website’s domain was registered around eight months ago, which seems to be a positive sign.

But there are many opposing factors too that will make the site unfavourable for the customers. The social media links available on the webpage are inaccessible and lead nowhere. They have also mentioned a tab for google plus, which was shut down before its launch.

Talking about Serafine Shop Reviews, some links and videos are available for the same over the internet. They are not in favor of the website and have marked it as a suspicious place.

Also, the website’s address leads to a confusing place that seems not to be a commercial property.

Thus, based on all these facts, we also conclude it being a suspicious website and advise you not to place an order from the same until 100% sure of its legitimacy.

Also, we want to clarify that Trustpilot has reviews under the name of Serafine, but it is a different website. We are talking about Serafine.shop and thoughts there are for a women’s clothing website.

Serafine Shop Reviews:

We have found some links over the internet about the website reviews. They all oppose the website’s legitimacy and do not mark it as a safe place.

These reviews are by some of the other firms reviewing the website. Talking about customer reviews, we haven’t found any of them yet, neither on the webpage nor over the internet.

Thus, we can conclude this section by saying that website reviews have unavailability, thus making the platform dubious.

Final Verdict:

As promised, we have mentioned all the details of this website in our article about Serafine Shop ReviewsWe have tried to cover each and every point a customer must be aware of the website.

Based on our research, we can say that the website is a suspicious platform, and we don’t advise you to shop from the same.

Do share your views below if you are a customer of this website or missed out something about the same.

4 thoughts on “Serafine Shop Reviews (Feb 2021) Is It A Scam or Not?

  1. I ordered a treadmill on Feb the 17 from Serafine.shop it showed up a form of pymt to Qianwan international trading company. And as I sent a payment paypal to this site. It gave me a reciept number and then few day later a weird tracking number but I’ve not received my shipment nor heard anything else. I’m waiting a few more days n hoping it’s legit but I’m kinda doubtful.

  2. Hi we just ordered a washer about a week ago from this site and we didn’t get any status weather if it shipped do you Know how we can make sure we get refund

  3. Hello,
    On Feb 24th I purchase a kids table and chair set for $45. I got the email for my purchase confirmation from services@paypal from Right Eastern Limited but no shipping info. Next few hours i decided to review this website which i should done before purchasing anything. They already withdrawn the money from my Credit card same night i submitted purchase. Today is Fe 26th and that email is no longer found in my inbox but lucky i screen capture when i got it on Feb 24th. Let’s see what happended in the next week. Next thing is to report to my bank. I never do online shopping and this price for the table and chair set was so good to be truth.

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