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Seregeer Com Reviews [July] Know its Legitimacy Here!

Seregeer Com Reviews [July] Know its Legitimacy Here! -> Here you get to know about the legitimacy of a virtual shopping store for attractive women’s clothing at jawdropping prices.

Are you looking for beautiful and latest women’s clothing items at cost-effective prices? Choosing clothing items that will fit you perfectly, your taste, and your budget are tough. 

Online shopping is increased during the time of lockdown, especially in the United States. This has increased the danger of scammers, who try to steal your money and private credentials. 

The dream of having the items of clothing you desire at amazing prices is harsh, but there is one site named Seregeer, which claims to sell the items that will you love and also your pockets. 

In this Seregeer Com Reviews, you’ll know the details about this site and also be able to judge whether it is legit or a hoax. Continue with us for a detailed analysis. 

What is Seregeer?

It is a virtual shopping portal for women’s clothing items at whooping prices. The site has many categories to choose from it like dresses, handbags, swimwear, etc. 

The site is pretty new, but it has managed to gain popularity among the people. The site has items that are very latest and also undeniably attractive. The site also has stories related to clothing. 

The site also sells some miscellaneous products like water bottles, tires, etc. The site offers many other currency options for your convenience. Now let’s look at the specifications.

Specifications of the Seregeer:

  • Website: It claims to sell elegant women clothing items at whooping prices.
  • The customer service is available at support@sengere.com.
  • Contacting number is (702) 763-4089.
  • The shipping time is 7-10 days.
  • The return policy is for 30 days.
  • The website is protected by SSL.
  • The website link is https://www.seregeer.com/.
  • Free worldwide delivery on orders above $50.
  • The website is founded in 2020.
  • The modes of payments are VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal.

Is Seregeer legit?

This brand is very new, only 18 days, but it has good traffic. The site seems to be attractive, but it is a trap, as it has only a 1% trust score.

The site is terribly maintained, and the website says that it sells women’s clothing, but it also showcasing items like tires and water bottles. 

The customer reviews were few, and the ones found very negative. Although the site is SSL protected, it lacks its legitimacy in other departments. 

The website is not present on any social media platform, which makes us doubt even more. Seregeer Com Reviews say considering the facts above-given, this site seems to be a possible scam.

Positive remarks of Seregeer:

  • The prices are attractive.
  • The products are beautiful in designs.
  • The site is providing different varieties of women’s clothing.
  • The site is SSL protected.
  • The site has good traffic.

Negative remarks of Seregeer:

  • The site is very young.
  • The site is not present on any social media platform.
  • The site has not provided enough credentials about itself.
  • The site has terrible customer reviews.
  • The website is not maintained well.
  • The site has a low trust score.

What are people saying about the Seregeer com?

The website itself does not showcase any customer reviews on its page. The studies were very scarce; some reports were found on reddit.

According to one customer, the website claims to have a PayPal method, but while checking out they will ask for credit or debit card, then it will steal your information like contact details, etc. The customer is then bombarded with spam emails and calls.

One customer said that she did not receive any product, but her details were stolen. Some customers said that the website is not maintained well, which seems to be suspicious. Overall, the reviews found were negative.

Final Notes on Seregeer:

The Seregeer Com Reviews say the website seems to have pretty good traffic, but it is only 18 days old. The site is not maintained well, and it sells products that are said to be sold on the site like tires. 

The site has no social media presence, and the customer reviews were negative. Considering all the facts & findings, it can be concluded that the site is not legit.

At this moment, we do not recommend this site to our readers, as it can be harmful.

Don’t forget to leave your reviews about this site as it will help others.

0 thoughts on “Seregeer Com Reviews [July] Know its Legitimacy Here!

  1. They seregeer also have several bikes for sale ,well advertised and I asked if they really sell bikes and honest? They did send email and said did I forget something? To order the bike? I said what to myself? So I don’t think they legit

  2. I ordered a air conditioner over three weeks ago and have not gotten it!! I can’t get in contact with them by the support app or phone.

  3. Is a total scam I ordered a porch canopy swing back in first week in July they sent me a confirmation order and then I couldn’t reach them by their email address their phone number nothing I never have received my item or my money back they are total rip off don’t ever send the money I’m turning them into whatever authorities that I have to to get them arrested and try to get my money back.

  4. It’s a total scam, i ordered an air purifier for $60 i never received it. I tried to go back on their website but it had been taken down. This was 3 months ago and i just now found the phone number. When i called them no one answered so i left a message. I doubt if they call back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

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