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The post talks about Severino Reyes Works and elaborates on other information about him.

Are you wondering what is the new Doodle by Google today? If you are someone fond of literary works, you won’t be unaware of Severino Reyes. Google has paid tribute to the popular playwright from the Philippines. Over his lifetime, he has published numerous literary works, and his stories appeared on Liwayway Magazine, co-founded by him in 1922.

This article gives you a detailed insight into Severino Reyes Works and elaborates more information about his life and profession. Thus, continue to read the entire article till the end to know more about his works.

Overview of Severino Ryes

Severino Reyes, born as Severino Reyes y Rivera, was born on 11 February 1861. He was born in Manila, the Captaincy General of the Philippines. Furthermore, as a Filipino writer, he also directed many plays as a playwright. One of his primary genres where he worked at large was plays.

In the coming sections, we will elaborate more on Who Is Severino Reyes and why Google kept his doodle today. So, continue to read below.

More Information On Severino Reyes

  • As per sources, Reyes married Maria Paz, his childhood friend, and had 17 children.
  • He was fluent in Spanish and Tagalog. Besides also understood various other languages such as Latin, Hebrew, Greek, etc.
  • Severino Reyes was most popular for writing a book named “Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang which literally translates to Tales of Lola Basyang.
  • It included stories told by an elderly woman called Lola Basyang.
  • He is called the Father of Filipino Plays.

Severino Reyes Works

Severino Reyes wrote most of his books under the pen name of Lola Basyang and was nicknamed Don Binoy. As a playwright, his most notable works include Mga Kuwento ni Basyang. Besides, many of his stories were also published in Liwayway Magazine that was co-founded by him on 18 November 1922.

Hereon, he went to become one of the magazine’s widely read prose feature writers. Another popular work of Severino, which was a play, was Walng Sugat, which literary translates to No Wounds, dedicated to the revolutionary local army.

Further on Who Is Severino Reyes and some of his notable works are:

  • Ang Tunay na Hukom
  • Ang Halik ni Hudas
  • Ang Bagong Fausto
  • I.P. (Requiescat in Pace)
  • Alamat ng Lamok
  • Filotea o Ang Pag-aasawa ni San Pedro
  • Kalye Pogi

Besides, he has also published many other notable works that garnered a lot of appreciation.

Final Conclusion

Also noted as the Father of Filipino Plays, google has dedicated 11 February 2022, which is also his birthday, adding a doodle to its search engine page. He died on 15 September 1942 due to Parkinson’s disease in World War 2.

Do you want to update more about Severino Reyes Works? Have you read any of the works by Severino Reyes? Then, do share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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