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Seymour Durst Net Worth {Jan} Know His Estimated Income

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Businesses have uplifted many people, and created their wealth from zero to millions. Many rich people in the United States have stepped into the successful business of real estate. Seymour Durst is one of those successful businessmen.

Do you know about Seymour Durst Net worth? Some people might be familiar with this name, but some are unaware of it. Today, we will tell you who Seymour Durst was and his actual net worth.

Who was Seymour Durst?

Seymour Durst was a famous real estate developer and invented the National Debt Clock. He took birth on 7 September 1913 at Washington Heights. He belongs to the United States and completed his education at the University of Southern California. Durst joined The Durst organisation which was founded by his father.

He was famous as a successful real estate developer. Seymour Durst died on 15 May 1995. He died of a stroke he had suffered on 12 May 1995. He was also ranked in the list of Richest people from the US based on our Seymour Durst Net Worth research.

Seymour Durst’s personal life

Seymour Durst, the famous real estate developer, was the child of Rose Friedwald and Joseph Durst. He was married to Bernice Herstein in 1940. Bernice Herstein died in 1940 by falling off the rooftop of their house. The cause of death was never mentioned, whether it was a suicide or accident. Seymour never married again. They have four children Robert Durst, Douglas Durst, Wendy Durst Kreegar,Thomas Durst.

His son Robert Durst died recently in prison, on 10 January 2022. He was accused of murdering his friend Susan Berman. He was also doubted for killing his wife, who went missing in 1982. He murdered his neighbour Morris Black. However, his other children are in good fields.

Seymour Durst Net Worth

People around the world wanted to know about his earnings. As he was a real estate developer, he was expected to earn a huge amount. Seymour joined his father’s firm and took more interest in the company. They invested in Manhattan real estate. He handled the family business after his father’s demise. After he expired, his nephew Jonathan and son Douglas took responsibility for their family business. 

Seymour was very popular for its real estate succession. He believed in certain things like there should be no involvement of the government in transactions of real estate. Seymour Durst Net Worth was estimated as $1million – $5 million.


Seymour Durst had created a path for success for his further generations. Although he also walked in on his father’s company, he has done a lot on his own and became very successful in his life. You can go through the given link to know more about Seymour Durst

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