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Nobody can deny the fact that Manga fans are spread worldwide in huge numbers. Hence, the Manga news forums and platforms are becoming immensely popular in various countries, namely the United States

Today, we have a famous term, “Shakai NFT,” through which any Manga fan can get timely updates on their favourite series. Since the Manga Shakai universe or community has been gaining fame worldwide, we think the NFT platform was much needed for all.

What is Shakai?

The Shakai are distinct people in a wide universe, and as a result, each of their life tales is unique. To do so, Shakai proposes to release a fortnightly manga series centered on the characters of the Shakai world online. With a limited number of paperback versions being produced and sent to holders, the chapters have been made available online.

Prepare for Shakai NFT

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for an action-packed journey filled with waifus, humour, and a great narrative, all accompanied with artwork that will have you begging for more with each new issue. Additionally, Shakai wants to incorporate our community; therefore, once the chapters are released, Shakai will run a community poll in which members will determine which chapter they would want to see animated!

History of Shakai

  • The Shakai community’s narrative begins here. There is a discord developed with at least 40,000 members. 
  • Engaging giveaways and teases will often be offered on Shakai NFT
  • Partnering with other forthcoming initiatives will help us gain some much-deserved exposure. 
  • Sell out the whole public sale and center on a worldwide marketing effort.
  • Prepare yourself for our weekly releases. 
  • Created by anime creators and artists. 
  • Each of our Shakai characters will receive 100% of our paperback sales revenue.
  • Owning Shakai grants, you have access to exclusive Shakai benefits. Shakai will offer activities for all holders. 
  • The private events will be scheduled so that all members may attend at least once.
  • Shakai NFT intends to release a Manga series. 
  • Making something seem fantastic will cost a lot of money. 
  • With Shakai’s growing network and contacts, Shakai wants to connect with studios. 
  • Each art piece has a narrative, making it more personal.

Does it have a Reddit Group?

Yes, Shakai has a group on Reddit. However, it is not managed by the Shakai officials as it has a completely fan-based group. Its description states that the Non-Fungible Tokens subreddit is for people interested in them. Non-Fungible Tokens will transform how value is exchanged across digital media in the future Web 3.0 age. These decentralized identities may be used in blockchain domains, video games, and even real assets.


As you are interested in Shakai NFT, it offers a lot of creativity, understanding, and adventure. Nonetheless, please share some of your inputs on Shakai as it will assist others in subscribing to the same for weekly or regular Manga updates.

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