Sharpie Gate Dot com (Nov) For US Election

Sharpie Gate Dot com 2020

Sharpie Gate Dot com (Nov) For US Election -> Here, we have talked about the piece of news regarding the pen used for voting.

IIn Arizona, a conspiracy theme is coming up these days from the name of Sarpiegate that claims that election workers have given a sharpie pen to all the voters with whose help they have filled out their ballot. And according to them, the ink will nullify the result. Here we are sharing all the details of Sharpie Gate Dotcom with you.

This news is getting popular in the whole region of the United States

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What is the theory stated by the Sharpie Gate?

The theory stated by the Sharpie Gate is that at the time of putting up our votes in the ballot box. The ink of the sharpie pen would bleed across the ballot. The voter’s vote will not be counted because it becomes difficult for the machine to read. 

What does the Arizona secretary of the State Kate Hobbs have to say about it?

According to the Sharpie Gate Dot com, all the votes will be counted as per Kate Hobbs even if its ink gets leaked in the machine. As per the statements passed by many journals, sharpies will not invalidate ballots. 

What were the steps taken to suppress this assumption?

They said that they had done a lot of testing on various types of inks with their tabulation equipment. If you are voting as a person, the probability is high that you are given a flair tip pen. That will eventually ballot, and the mark will bleed on the other side.

What are the worries of the voters?

As per the Sharpie Gate Dot com, some of the voters think that those little dots will start bleeding on the other side. And that would ultimately ruin the ballot box. 

According to the Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons, they are getting many phone calls, emails, and text messages regarding the Sharpie pen usage. 

What is the usage of the Sharpie pen?

When we talk about Sharpie Gate Dot com, sharpie pens are one of the writing instruments that would make the best choice for voting officials. It dries up quickly, and eventually, it makes crisp and clear marking on the ballot box. 

Final Verdict

Here we are talking about the news about the leaking of Sharpie pens in the ballot box that has created a lot of buzz among the United States people. They said that the votes of the Republicans would not be counted, as the ink will get leaked in the ballot box. These sharpie pens dry up quickly so the chances are less that it will create any mess in the ballot box. 

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