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Shinazugawa Demon Fall {July} Let’s Read About It!

Shinazugawa Demon Fall {July} Let’s Read About It!>> Here, we will know about two eminent personalities of the demon slayer corps, read this article for full knowledge.

Demon Slayer is a very popular web series that is officially made in Japan, in short, it is a Japanese manga film, which is gaining a lot of popularity in places like Brazil and the United States.

This series consists of many amazing characters, and similarly, Shinazugawa Demon Fall is a brother’s group that consists of such characters. The shinazugawa brother group consists of seven siblings, but two very famous personalities consist of sanemi shinazugawa and Genya shinazugawa.

Who Is Sanemi Shinazugawa?

He is one of the famous characters of the demon slayer group. Sanemi in the series has been shown as a tall and strong man with very sharp eyes, and he somewhat looks similar to his younger brother Genya Shinazugawa. His eyes are purple, and he also has spikes hair of white color.

Being a part of Shinazugawa Demon Fall, he is usually seen wearing a small cropped white Haori which remains above his hip, and a word kanji written on his back.

Abilities Of Sanemi Shinazugawa:

The abilities of sanemi shinazugawa are listed below:

  • Master swordsman: he is considered as one of the best highly skilled swordsmen who killed the demon Kokushibo
  • Demon slayer mask: he uses this special ability to increase its physical strength, speed, and reflexes.
  • Muscle control: he uses this special ability to heal himself by manipulating the muscle tissues to close his wounds.
  • Intoxicant blood: he has a special type of intoxicant blood in his body that is incredibly intoxicating for demons.

Who is Genya Shinazugawa Demon Fall?

He is one of the major lead characters of this demon slayer series, and he is also a very crucial character of the demon slayer team. he is the younger brother of sanemi, who made his debut in the final selection. He is a young man with a short height and slanting eyes. Basically, by looking at him, we can predict that he is somewhat of an angry personality.

Genya is seen wearing a sleeveless yukata of purple color with a black shirt with long sleeves in the series. He also possesses some special abilities about which we will read further in this article.

Abilities of Genya Shinazugawa:

The abilities of Genya Shinazugawa Demon Fall are listed below:

  • Demonic transformation- if he consumes the fresh flesh of the demon, then he can gain the demonic attributes of that demon for a temporary period.
  • Upper rank 1 Empowerment- under this special ability, he can reattach his injured body in seconds.
  • The Upper rank four empowerment- under this ability, he can have immense strength and speed.
  • The flesh gun- in this ability, he can use the cells of his body so that he can merge them with his gun.


Demon fall is famous because of his unique characters in the series, characters like Shinazugawa Demon Fall is one of the main reasons, for the popularity of this series, here we have learnt in brief about the shinazugawa brothers and their abilities. Know here more about the Genya shinazugawa:

Do you like watching the Demon slayer series? If yes, comment down your favorite scene from the series.

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