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Shipfoot Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Worth Buying?


Shipfoot Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Worth Buying? >> Do you want to buy some necessary stuff over the web? Then, read out the article.  

Amid the general pandemic, the public has preferred shopping online rather than going outside or waiting in a queue; consumers want everything online. From groceries to electronics, and there are already online stores out there.

Today we will discuss Shipfoot Reviews, a website that claims to give discounts on all their products. The website is gaining attention in the United States due to the site’s unique products and discounts.But is the website legit and safe?Well, we are about the find out about that, so keep reading till the end!

What is shipfoot?

The website is an online web-store that offers products like smart gadgets, teddy bears, intelligent tools, foot massagers, etc. The website is offering a discount, which is too good to be true.

Here Shipfoot Reviews reveals that the products displayed on the website are not that much, but all the products are beautiful and fit in the daily use category.


  • The website is an online web-store of ecommerce products.
  • The website can be accessed via
  • The shipping policy is not transparent regarding the locations, but it gets delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • A shipping fee of Rs 99 is availed on orders over Rs 700.
  • The website has a refund policy of 30 days providing the website return criteria are fulfilled.
  • Exchange is available on all the products with no time limit mentioned.
  • Shipfoot Reviews reveals that there is no period mentioned about the refund policy.
  • The website has a support form for the consumers, and also an email address is mentioned that is
  • The website has also mentioned a physical address, i.e., 19 Rutgers Dr, Delran, NJ 08075, USA.
  • The website accepts payment modes like debit cards and credit cards; also, COD is available.
  • The website was launched on 14th May 2020.

Pros of buying from the website

  • The discounts offered on this website are too good to be true.
  • The products on the website are beautiful.

Cons of purchasing from the website

  • The website has no social media links.
  • The shipping policy is not transparent.
  • There is no space for Shipfoot Reviews.
  • The address mentioned is not to be found.

Is the website legit? 

The website has many loopholes and fails in showing any proper transparency of any of their policies. The major drawback is there is no social media presence, and also two different things are written on the pages of the website.

The web-store seems very suspicious, and the trust ratings are meager; it is not very old, making it risky to purchase.

Secondly, the most absurd thing was the price tags of all the products; Shipfoot Reviews reveals that the discounted amount is shocking less for any item to be sold. There is an option for bulk buy as well, which no legit websites offer.

There are also some bad reviews about the website on the internet; hence the website is very suspicious and does not fulfill any of the legitimacy checkpoints. Let’s see what people have to say about this website.

What do people have to say about the website?

People say some bad things about the website as there are a lot of negative reviews about the website at all. Also, people are quite disappointed with this website and dos not recommend it at all. 

Having no social media links makes the website sound skeptical as any legit website has a social media presence to promote their products.

Many loopholes in the website mention Shipfoot Reviews, like there, is no contact number provided; also, the email address given is a Gmail one so which means the email address is not the officials’ ID. The website has no about us too, which is mandatory for every legit website.


The website is concluded as an unsafe and suspicious site as many things are missing in it and many things that are triggering the negative points.

The website has bad reviews on the internet, no contact number, misleading address, etc. and it only means a scam. The website is not recommended to anyone; scam websites like these only trick the general public and take their card details or private details.

Entering any essential credentials is very risky; avoiding this website is recommended.Please mention your viewpoints on this website in the comment section below.

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  1. My grandson placed an order for a bean bag with my card. There has been no response and havent received a refund in the process of reporting them.

  2. I ordered from shipfoot in December. I haven’t received my order or a refund. What should I do,? Who do I contact?

  3. I ordered one of your bean bags on December 9, 2020 he came out of my account and I have not received any merchandise can’t get a hold of anybody or how to contact

  4. Placed an order and never received it. Made plenty inquiries with no response. Can this site be reported and investigated by authorities. Whoever is running this site is making out very lucratively. They need to be stopped! Canceling my card.

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