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Shopneverdie. com Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Shopneverdie. com Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam

Shopneverdie. com Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> If you want innovative toys for your kids, please pay attention to the content and learn about this site’s legitimacy.

Are you looking to purchase new toys for your kids? Well, buying stuff from the right website is the most challenging task of online shopping.

If you are from Vietnam and are still unaware of’s legitimacy, we will make you learn about its reality.

This web store offers a diverse range of products, including educational toys, at exciting discounts. Moreover, if you were thinking to read all the Shopneverdie. com Reviews from different sources, we will provide all the information below. Let’s know this web store in detail. 

What is

It is an old shopping store that might have now become your kids’ favourite place to explore innovative toys. You can buy a wide variety of products, including:

  • Virtual glasses
  • Educational toys
  • Wooden Puzzles
  • Drones, and many more. 

Moreover, this e-commerce store offers an extended return policy and makes the deliveries within a week. However, the site has still not received any feedback; this is why many viewers doubt Is Shopneverdie. Com Legit or a scam.

Website’s Specifications

  • Type of the website: an online store selling a diverse range of playing stuff, including virtual glasses
  • Shipping time: no exact information is available online 
  • Expected delivery time: approximately 5-7 days (excluding holidays)
  • Return policy: 30-days return policy
  • Company’s phone number: (66) 929517877
  • Company’s e-mail address:
  • Company’s registered address: 3 Mubaan Settakit Soi Settakit 7, Bangkanuer Bnagkae, Mubaan Settakit RD, Bangkok 10160
  • Domain Date: 26/ 12/ 2018
  • Payment method: Bank transfer and PayPal

Pros of buying Products from

  • offers massive discounts on all items.
  • This site offers one monthly return policy.

Cons of buying Products from

  • The online Shopneverdie. com Reviews sections are empty, and no client has still rated the site.
  • This website has not mentioned any information regarding order cancellation.
  • This web store has only one follower on its Facebook page.
  • We saw a deficient trust score of 1% on one of our reliable sources.
  • Customers will have to pay return shopping costs on their own.

Is this Website Legit?

Checking an online store’s legitimacy should be the first thing you do before even adding items to your cart. Please scroll down and read the post till the end to know that Is Shopneverdie. Com Legit or fake:

  • has a considerable domain age of more than two years.
  • This web store has an active Facebook page but has only one follower.
  • Even after existing in the online market for more than two years, the site could not receive even single feedback. Not on the reliable trust portals like Trustpilot. 
  • We saw an average trust score on one website and a terribly low trust score on another site, confusing us to decide whether it is trustworthy or not.
  • This site’s About-Us page is not helpful as it says that the site creates WordPress themes.

What are the Shopneverdie. com Reviews from the Customers?

Genuine feedback from real clients greatly influences a new buyer’s buying decision because such honest reviews will reveal the products’ reality. Moreover, it will help the buyers know how helpful the website is if they face any issue with their order.

So, we decided to do a little more research and gather all the possible information about the reviews for this However, unfortunately, we could not see anyone sharing his or her shopping experience with this site as if no one has tried shopping from this e-commerce store yet.

This empty Shopneverdie. com Reviews made us highly doubtful about calling it reliable. In case you want to know about the refund you can get because you got trapped in the PayPal scam, please read this information.

Final Verdict

Summing up, we would like to highlight a few essential facts about this online site selling virtual reality glasses and other products: 

  • Even after two years of its launch, the site could not gain any review or follower.
  • The website offers massive discounts of about 50% or more, which is too fanciful to believe.

So, we suggest you all stay protected from such suspicious sites or do comprehensive research before ordering even the smallest thing. 

Have you bought anything from this site? Please drop an honest comment in Shopneverdie. com Reviews. In case you want to know about the refund you can get because you got trapped in a credit card scam, please read this information.

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