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Read this article below to explore the hype behind Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford, revealing whether Ford’s initiative must be appreciated or not.

Do you know who Doug Ford is? Why is the celebrity hyped in media and over the internet suddenly? Who is Sid Seixeiro?

These all questions are interrelated and might be running in your mind after seeing the viral video clip by Breakfast Television. Revealing all the facts and truth behind this viral clip from Canada, this article will help you with all the insights and details for the incident.

Read down the headers to explore the hype behind Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford

Who is Sid Seixeiro?

Before we begin explaining the video clip and the claims behind the same, we want our readers to start from scratch, revealing the details about all the behind facts for better clarity.

Sid Seixeiro is a renowned Canadian television broadcaster known for his work as the co-host for the famous Breakfast Television. He has been a part of this City TV show since 2021. Apart from this, Sid is also serving his former duty with Tim Micallef on the radio as the co-host.

Sid is also a part of the sports talk show on television named Tim and Sid. After a simple tweet, Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford is currently trending over the internet. Let’s explore the details of this tweet for clarity.

Who is Doug ford?

Douglas Robert Ford Jr. is a renowned Canadian politician and businessman, also serving as Ontario’s current and third premier back from 2018. He is also the leader for PC (Progressive Conservative) since 2018 March.

Ford was also part of Toronto City Councillor back from 2010 to 2014. He has also served in various other positions, being a major part of the Canadian political party.

Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford:

Now you might be wondering what would be the possible link between a Canadian politician and the Breakfast television Co-host. Revealing the details, Doug Ford was recently spotted clearing the way out from snow for the people.

Sid got wound up for this snowstorm antics, saying he was a part of the publicizing stunt even after the storm. Doug uploaded a video and called the media before beginning the antic, gaining everyone’s attention.

This video went viral on social media, and politicians started appreciating this initiative. But soon after this applause, he also faced a backlash, the reason behind Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford hype.

What is Sid Seixeiro views about this video?

Soon after this incident happened, Sid also uploaded a video on his Twitter account revealing the snowstorm antics of the Politician, marking this only as a publicity stunt.

Even after the pandemic and recent Omicron hit, all the people and residents helping Doug ford in this video are not carrying their masks, thereby claiming that these people are also a part of this stunt.

Moreover, he also added that if Doug Ford was willing to help, why did he immediately call media to capture the same.

Final Verdict:

After revealing the facts for Sid Seixeiro Doug Ford hype, we can say that Sid’s views are for this video are satisfactory. Viewers also appreciate that this snowstorm antic was just a publicity stunt, criticizing Doug Ford.

Check out the Breakfast Television Tweet to view the viral clip.

Have you also heard about this snowstorm antic? Please share your views for the same in the comments section below.

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