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Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Reddit- Complete Information

Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Reddit 2020

Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Reddit– Complete Information>> The article includes the information, personal life about Siegfried and Roy, and the tiger attack incident on Roy in 2003 at Mirage theatre.

Siegfried and Roy were the world-famous entertainers and magicians; they were famous for their acts with white tigers and lions. They became famous when they started there show in Las Vegas; all goes well until the 2003 incident happened. Roy was grabbed by his white tiger in front of live audiences, as published in the news of Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Reddit.

Personal life of Siegfried and Roy

Both the magicians and entertainers born in Germany, their parents, after completing the imprisonments in the Soviet Union, moved to America. They both came close and started reading magic books; at an early age, they started doing small magic shows and gathering where they gain little popularity.

Siegfried and Roy gave their first public appearance on a cruise ship, after a successful attempt they started a world tour where they perform several shows successfully together. Later they started taming white tigers and lions and decided to perform and entertain people with the big cats.

About the Incident 

Siegfried and Roy Horn, after a successful show all over the globe, started performing their act with a tiger in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the year 2003 when the whole math was changed; it was the night of 3rd October in a jam packed Mirage theatre. 

The two German magicians started performing their act, it was Roy Horn who came in front of the audience with his pet white tiger name Mantecore, the white tiger was over ten feet tall and seven years of age gave some looks and responded to his master Roy. 

But when Roy gave the command to Mantecore to say hello to the audience, he grabs Roy from his teeth, and the tiger pins down Roy from his feet. Roy gave another call to Mantecore to say hello to the audience then the tiger shifted his mouth between the neck and shoulder of the Horn and drag him away from the audience.

The whole theatre was stunned and numbed for a second, but immediately one of the performers from the backstage hold the tail of the tiger from behind and forced to leave Roy. But just after reaching half of the cage, the assistant blew the Co2 fire extinguisher on the face of the Mantecore.

The tiger roar and left Roy unconscious, soon the co-workers call the ambulance and admit Roy to the hospital. One of the Co-worker reported that at the point when we were taking Roy to the medical clinic in the emergency vehicle, a train crossing came, which were shut as the train was passing, we were losing hope for Roy as the second passes”.

But Roy was rescued, and after that shocking incident, the show was canceled forever; the Mirage theatre was closed for these kinds of activities. The duo’s after these incidents continued to pet their tigers. According to the Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Reddit report they had fifteen white tigers and lions on their farm; they kept their feeding and caring.

After the Incident

After Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack incident, lots of things changed and shattered. The team of hundreds of co-workers, assistants, cameraman, and helper became un-employed and gone bankrupt. After the show was canceled, the theatre lost millions of dollars as it was one of the popular shows of America and probably of the world.

The most shocking thing happened was the duo split up and lived their own life. The reason behind these was that Siegfried Fischbacher mentioned in an interview that the cause of the shutdown of their shows was the white tiger Mantecore. He also states that “Horn was completely lost his control over Mantecore and fail to perform on that day.” 

But Roy completely denies and says that “Mantecore is a good cat, and he saved his life, he drags me to the same place after I became numb.” After this statement, Fischbacher said that he is not mentally well and is having his own issues. But from time to time, these two duos came in front and shared the photo session for media. 

Where are Siegfried and Roy now?

After the Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack incident, the duo’s appeared in TV, magazines and in interview number times. But recently, due to Covid-19, the journey of the two legendry magicians and entertainers came to an end. Doctors confirmed their death on 8th May 2020. The cause of death was the Covid-19 virus.

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