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Siegfried and Roy Wiki (May) Read the Post!  >> In this article, you get to know about two great magicians of all time.

Siegfried and Roy Wiki: Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn are known as the masters of impossible because of their career as magicians. These people were a German duo of entertainers and magicians; they have appeared on various platforms of television and movies. The pair was famous for its acts presented with white tigers and white lions.

The sudden retirement of this duo was shocking and underwhelming for the audience, but the pair continued its journey by other various ways like producers and cameos. The incident that caused the retirement happened because of an attack on stage by the Horn’s beloved tiger Mantecore. 

Background of this famous pair:

Siegfried Fischbacher ( June 13, 1939, in Rosenheim, Germany). His father’s name was Martin Fischbacher, and he was a painter by profession, and his mother’s name was Maria Fischbacher, who was a housewife. The Soviets imprisoned his father in World War II. Siegfried was always interested in magic since childhood, and he used to buy magic books to learn.

In 1956 he came to Italy and worked there in a hotel; after some time, he got the opportunity of magical performances on the ship named TS Bremen, and he used “Delmare” as a stage name. When he was performing abroad, he met with Roy Horn and offered him to join in the magic shows. Although, the duo discharged from the ship due to using a living cheetah on the boat for performance. After that, they started working as magician duo in a New York cruise line.

Roy Horn‘s original name was Uwe Ludwig Horn. He was born on October 3, 1944, in Nordeham, Germany. When he was born, it was a critical condition for the world because of World War II, and he took birth amid bomb attacks and explosives. His father during the war and his step-father worked in construction. His mother’s name was Johanna Horn, and she also worked in the factory after World War II.

Roy had three brothers, and he was always very affectionate towards the animals, and at the young age, he had Hexe, who was his beloved dog. He knew a person named Emil, who was the owner of the Bremen Zoo. Because of that, he got opportunities to meet and play with exotic animals. Roy had visited several times outside Germany. One time his shipwrecked, and he had to work as a waiter in the ship, where he met Siegfried and joined him in the journey of becoming magicians and entertainers.

Their career as performers:

Siegfried and Roy started their successful career by performing in Astoria Theatre. They were famous in the nightclub circuit of Europe because of the involvement of tigers; after that, when they were acting in Paris, they got the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas by Tony Azzie in 1967. 

Siegfried and Roy Wiki say The duo were famous for their performances in Las Vegas and opened options or television and movies. The pair were known as the lovers and lifelong best friends. On June 16, 2016, the director Philipp Stolz said that the famous duo would do a biopic depicting their life journey.

The incident of Roy with Mantecore:

According to Siegfried and Roy Wiki, On October 3, 2003, while performing at a resort named Mirage, a white tiger named Mantecore, who was Roy’s favorite, attacked him and caused several injuries. The scene didn’t go as scripted, and Mantecore pushed Roy with his paw and bit his neck and took him offstage. The tiger was not leaving Roy’s neck, and the crew used several methods to separate them.

The attack severely injured his vocal abilities and caused injuries at various parts, including the spine. Roy suffered from a stroke at the time, but it was uncertain that it was before the attack or after. Roy loved his Mantecore and said that he is a good boy, and no one will cause him harm. Roy said to the People Magazine that Mantecore was trying to save his life as Roy had a stroke. Chris Lawrence opposed the statement given by Roy and said that the incident caused because of Roy’s mishandling, and he is just trying to hide it. Although in 2010, the duo left the show business. 

Filmography and Television:

  • Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible (1996)(animated TV series)
  • Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999)(Documentary)
  • Ocean’s Eleven (2001)(as cameos)
  • Showboy (2002)(Mockumentary)
  • Father of the Pride (2004–2005) (as executive producers)
  • Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Returns (March 6, 2009)

Death of Roy Horn:

The magician died of covid-19 when he was 75 years old on May 8, 2020. He took his last breath at Mountain View Hospital, Las Vegas. His death was tragic for Siegfried, and he stated: “that people have lost one great magician, but I lost my lifelong best friend.”

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