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Siruini Hand Sanitizer Review {2020} Read Before Order

Siruini Hand Sanitizer Review {2020} Read Before Order >> This article is about imparting knowledge regarding Siruini hand sanitizers. This small bottle of gel can be a life saver at present times, when corona virus is active at it’s peak.

Germs and disease causing microbes are spread everywhere. The worst part is that they sprawl too quickly and infest our body through hands and nose. Hands being an easy carrier of germs must be kept clean and sterilized most of the time.

Since, it is an absolute necessary to keep our hands disinfected before consuming any foodstuff or drink, we must carry soap or a sanitizer with us, wherever we go.

Even, if it’s at home or outside of it, regular cleaning of hands should be done. At home, we can place large bottles of sanitizing liquid on the shelves at different parts of the house but outside your abode, you need to carry your own ‘pet’.

People carry soaps, liquid soaps and paper soaps as toiletries, when travelling. All are fine till there’s abundant availability of clean water. But, everywhere that may not be possible. Amidst a gathering or an official meeting, one can’t go off to the washroom every now and then just for washing hands. 

So, here we require hand sanitizers, which don’t need water for washing off. Such products are highly effective in terms of cleaning and are fast to use. Several international brands have come up with hand sanitizing solutions, which claims to be the best over the other.

Hence, a customer gets utterly confused while deciding which one to buy? Certain points that should be kept in mind while buying a hand cleaner are,

  • Checking the germ killing quotient. Always buy a higher one.
  • Secondly, check it’s side effects or warnings as mentioned on the labeling.
  • Compositions based on alcohol are effective ones but hazardous on skin at times. So, be careful about that.
  • Also, price matters. Buying a very cheap one may not be fruitful. Again, an expensive brand will not guarantee safety either, so please sought opinion among friends, before you pick one for yourself.

Here however, I am going to discuss ‘Siruini Hand Sanitizer’, which is quite prevalent among the masses in the United States and now, is targeting other international markets.

About Siruini Hand Sanitizer,

Siruini hand sanitizer is a gel based formula which is a 75% alcohol based and claims to kill 99.99% germs without veritable usage of water. It can be carried anywhere you go because of it’s small size.

This anti-bacterial effervescent gel is extremely impactful on disease causing micro gens but is non-irritant and soft on your skin. The effect lasts long and a regular usage of the product ensures your good health in the long run.

Why is it famous?

There are several reasons behind Siruini hand sanitizer becoming so popular. Few are,

  • Siruini Hand Sanitizer Ingredients comprise of mainly 75% alcohol, which is a distinguishing factor and is highly effectual towards elimination of 99.99% germs as directed by the company.
  • The solvent works wondrously on germs, leaving your skin soft and supple.
  • The best part is , you need not wash the material off with water because it dries up on it’s own. So, in situations where there’s dearth of water, one can rely on this hand sanitizer.
  • A small globule of the gel is adequate enough for cleaning both palms at a time. So, a small bottle lasts long.
  • The product is available in a volume of 300ml bottle, which is enough for several washes.

The benefits of using ‘Siruini’ gel for cleaning hands can be summarized as follows,

  • A strong and an effective fighter against fungus, cocci, viruses and bacteria.
  • Being tough on microorganisms doesn’t mean that it’s harmful on the human skin.
  • The product comes in a small bottle, so can be pocketed anywhere you go.
  • The gel is quite powerful so a little amount of it is enough for cleaning hands at a time.
  • Such a powerful performer is available at quite an affordable price.

Is Siruini Hand Sanitizer a Scam or Legit?

For me, ‘Siruini’ doesn’t seem to be a scam at all because several customers have already used it and have got benefitted. With the outspread of ‘corona virus’ throughout the world and thousands of people getting knocked over day in and out, using hand sanitizers has become mandatory as a precautionary measure.

Hand sanitizers of top brands including ‘Siruini’ gels are off the shelves quite fast. So, in such times, we require to stock up abundantly and keep hand sanitizers handy for a fast and instant cleaning spree.

Siruini hand sanitizer is definitely legit because the product is largely alcohol based, and medical practitioners have qualified the latter to be effectual on disease causing germicides.

Apart from alcohol, there are other components which are meant to take care of the skin.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Basically, Siruini hand gels cannot be categorized under negative traits. The common disadvantages found on using alcohol based hand sanitizers are,

  • Alcohol as such is a toxic ingredient so, these sanitizers must be safely stored, away from the reach of children.
  • They are not meant for internal consumption at all.
  • Alcohol based products are flammable. So, they can catch fire easily.
  • Certain alcohol based sanitizers cause skin irritation and dryness, barring Siruini gels.


Hand Sanitizers are a common disinfectant that should be possessed by one and all. However, choosing the right product is important. Siruini hand sanitizers seem to be a customer’s desire. It is fast and effective on germs but soft on the skin.

Further, being pocket friendly and gel based, the product lasts long and saves on money.

I would advice each one to develop the habit of using hand sanitizer before ingestion of any food stuff in order to prevent entry of diseases into the body.

Siruini hand sanitizer being alcohol based won’t be a bad choice at all.

30 thoughts on “Siruini Hand Sanitizer Review {2020} Read Before Order

    1. This stuff is horrible. Even when the bottle is sealed, the fumes come through the package and make me want to throw up. I despise the smell.
      I wish there was a way to get my money back. If all of you out there love it so much, will you please buy all the unopened bottles from me?
      I will give you a great price. You can take this toxic garbage and shove it, you know where……………….

    1. Rhino? I thought u were dead? My uncle has spoke very highly of your Marián arts btw bro . I hope ur on a better side by now. Give me a look help me please

      1. i just got mine in the mail , I bought it because it stated made in the USA, however when I opened it up at the bottom of the container there was a sticker that said made in china, really got to do your research, the (CHINA) is getting away with this made in the USA CRAP

        1. Got 2 300ml bottle and they don’t smell like alcohol at all and leave my hands sticky I think I got 2 bottle of aloe i bought them from a website comfyt.com based out of California. I will never buy this again.

    1. The pumper unscrews. You need to hold the smaller round section above the cap and unscrew the pump lever. there is very small printing on top of the pump showing the direction it need to be turned. It is very tight and you may need to hold round section with small pliers or needle nose pliers, just don’t squeeze to hard. Good lock.

  1. It seems legit. The smell is very powerful. I don’t know financial incentive to put less alcohol content. Alcohol must be really cheap to manufacturers.

  2. The combination of no alcohol smell (70% alcohol?) and that it was made in China concerns me enough not to rely on it to do what it claims it does.

  3. There is no alcohol in this and it is not flammable at all………… took a month to get. Smell is weird like bubbles or something!

  4. ordered $50. worth of hand sanitizer from Amazon thru this company “ELETINA SIRUINI” as the distributor and the order never came BUT they were quick to take my money. SCAM ARTISTS praying on innocent citizens….. CHECK ALL NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON THIS PERSON….there are many. Unfortunately I didn’t see them first.

  5. Perhaps the better business bureau needs to know about Eletina Siruini OR maybe they already do!!! SCAM ARTIST! Preying on innocent AMERICANS. Give me my $50.

  6. I bought siruini hand sanitizer from amazon I had it after one month disappointed
    Make in chania look like there is no alcohol on it dosent smell alcohol at all I am not use it don’t buy it again

  7. REPORT this to AMAZON or where you got it from… it could be contaminated. Mine took 2 months to come… Does not say which country it is made. Did not even open… Trash bin… Reported to AMAZON. Please take action… Do not let Greedy people take advantage of innocent people.

  8. I do not like that Siruini Hand Sanitzer does not list the ingredients on the bottle. When I use it, I can not tell in there is alcohol in the container.

  9. I love visiting the Philippines. Korea does not have as many beautiful islands as you do. I’m comingbn back again this summer

  10. I just received my order for 500 ML of SIRUINI hand sanitizer. On opening the bag, I found the pump top ajar and 1/2 is the sanitizer in the bag!

    Kindly re send a product more secure & I would return the defective product in its original mailer bag.

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