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Sivuan Mask Reviews {May} Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Sivuan Mask Reviews 2020

Sivuan Mask Reviews {May} Is This Authentic or a Scam? >> In this article, you will know all details related to durable, flawless mask.

The world is hugely affected by this uncertain pandemic, the COVID-19, all countries are fighting now from this. But everywhere it is quite evident that there is no vaccination developed to fight against it.

So, the only way to survive from getting infected from this disease is to have a high-quality mask, which not only covers but protects completely. At this stage in the covid-19 pandemic, the most essential is to discover a mask that provides full insurance from nostril to chin, and ear to ear. 

Sivuan Mask has got an advantageous design and durable Mask for their buyers and customers so that they can get a variety of masks to use for their safety. The special and revolutionary technological know-how with which these masks have been created is the purpose for ongoing needs and humans making it valuable of use and safety, hence proving Is Sivuan Mask Legit?

All of a sudden due to this pandemic attack, a high demand change occurred and brought the requests and supplies of Mask and such safety equipment have increased. People who have used these masks have share Sivuan Mask Reviews at the website, from the United States.

What is the Sivuan Mask?

Sivuan.Com is an internet web page targeted on promoting anti-epidemic objects. These masks are furnished for excellent breathability & greater consolation and guarantee a superb seal from the out of doors air. The rapid demand in the current situation is a prerequisite and honestly, and guide the people who are to be treated.

Benefits of using these products

The people are getting safe by the use of these masks and feel secure because of the various benefits that they reap from them –

  • The use of every day of these specially designed masks has an actual impact on every and every life around the sector.
  • The vision is to shield and protect the convenient you cherished. 
  • This is presently ergonomic design, helps to be held a balance on face surfaces.
  • Anti-transparent coverage for full protection 

The main focus should be on frequent handwashing with some medicated soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. This will greatly help while using Mask together. In case you put on a mask, then you should understand the way to use it and take away it nicely.

The various mask provider exists in the competition, but Sivuan Mask remains to maintain their clientele. They are into the constant efforts of developing new technologies and modifying. All unique features have been highlighted already above for the users to make a choice.

Specifications of Sivuan Mask

The store covers a range of Mask and are available at +1 (833) 610-0946 and via email at

  • The sewing is flawlessly made from nostril clip to ear straps. 
  • Can be easily thrown in with the laundry. 
  • If you have trouble breathing with it on, loosen up, take a few normal deep breaths, and your body will adjust. 
  • continues Carbon filter
  • Adjustable angle of amplitude to fit a variety of face shapes
  • Cold flow valve – which effectively reduces the respiratory resistance
  • Apply to PM2.5, dust, haze, pollen and other protection

They have a vast collection of masks as per various shapes and sizes. The product quality is such that customers can easily make the selection. 

Is Sivuan Mask Legit?

The first requirement of the customers has been comfortable and ensured through Sivuan Mask and serve the clients, which in turn, Sivuan Mask Reviews from delighted clients eliminated the doubt that – Is Sivuan Mask Website legit? That’s how they work.

These Mask are in continuous demand due to its different patterns for the best fittings and the structure are trendy in various counties like the United States, and many.

What is the opinion about the Sivuan Mask by their customers?

Present records from lab examine on sars-cov and mers-cov, and other viruses have demonstrated that security inside the environmental factors relies upon various components, for example, relative temperature, dampness, and surface sort. The customers say that Sivuan Mask is quite impressive in handling such environmental dangers.

According to Sivuan Mask Reviews, the clients have entirely found these masks of their first choice. They even referenced these masks to the many of their convenience in family and friends and recommended the product usage.

Verdict has maintained the quality to satisfy their customers’ safety. Many have quickly and highly suggested buying from them. The entire world is now relying upon them to have a safe life.

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    1. So you did receive yours then?? Did they come USPS and did you ever get a tracking number?? I ordered 4 masks on May 6th and I have had yet to hear anything, no confirmation…nothing. I have written them a few emails as well and I called their customer service number listed on their website and again nothing. I’m starting to think it’s a scam. 😔

  1. Check your junk mail. I was having the same issues, but their email to me was actually in my junk mail instead of my inbox. There is a tracking number in the email. It took awhile for them to come in, but my masks just arrived today and I love it.

  2. I order 4 masks at the bginning of April and have not received my masks. No way to track them. I think that it is a scam.

  3. I placed an order April27 2020 this is May 25 2020 and no mask yet. they gave a statement that at first reading sounds like the order is in the mail. Which is their intent . My bank processed the payment on April 28,2020. Tomorrow I will inform the USPS Office of InspectorGeneral. If they have taken the money knowing they can’t deliver then that is fraud. The USPS has informed me the Tracking number Sivuan has given me is an invalid number. I encourage anyone to contact the USPS Office of Inspection General.

  4. I ordered 4 masks on May 2nd. I have called and emailed them and no response. The company I ordered from is Suvuan and they supposedly are located at 1601 S. Cucamonga Ave., Ontario, CA 91761. I haven’t tried the reverse directory on the address nor the phone number, (833) 610-0946 but I did call that number and connected to a person, Prince, who said he would check into my order and email me next day. Well that is today and no reply! I encourage everyone to call and flood them with calls and emails at And, for future reference, the Area Code 833 is used primarily by scammers so if you get a call, or are planning to order from a company with that area code, RUN THE OTHER WAY! This is a SCAM!

  5. I think it’s a scam too. I placed an order in mid May. Waited over 10 days for them to process: no confirmation, no tracking number. I got PayPal to intervene and they gave me some bogus tracking number from some foreign postal service (looks like Germany), and the funny thing is, even this post office has no idea where the package may be: the message says: no such number, package can’t be found. Now their website is offline too, and that just happened within the last couple of days.

  6. I too had made numerous emails to this vendor. With fairly quick responses. Based on some of these reviews I asked bluntly if this was a scam? I had several response back that vehemently denied that this was a scam. I was sent a tracking number that was invalid, again I asked are you sure this isn’t a scam? Again, an email stating it isn’t a scam be patient and give tracking time. Today I get an email stating order was lost. Going to refund money back to PayPal. One email I received did say there was difficulties, getting orders through customs, because of covid-19. So these masks are coming from China. Low and behold the masked showed up today. Well constructed mask. Moral of story is keep emailing them

  7. So far looks great & comes with one carbon filter for each mask. Material seems strong enough compared to other masks I’ve purchased. Ordered mine April 28, 2020. I did receive the email about them being shipped on May 11, 2020. Just received them in the mail by USPS June 2, 2020. Was beginning to give up hope on them but glad I didn’t!

  8. I love visiting the Philippines. Korea does not have as many beautiful islands as you do. I’m comingbn back again this summer

  9. Ordered 4 masks on May 9th still waiting for them a month later. Requested my order be cancelled and refund my money.

  10. Are you part of this company? because I ordered 4 masks since April but I didn’t receive anything yet.

  11. I placed an order a month ago. Paypal paid the invoice but order never arrived. Never received any communication from Sivuan (checked Junk too). Found invoice number on Paypal. Also, why in the hell was the support web address redirected to dodbuzz???
    Wonder if positive comments are fake.

  12. is redirected to which is simply a review site. I went directly to the site and it a product review site. I did a search on the site for sivuan and it was not found. This is no doubt a scam.

  13. I ordered from Sivuan 8 mask. They do not correspond with customers. Nothing they say about shipping are time of delivery is true. I did get them it took a long time 4 or 5 weeks. The mask are good and the price is good. But they could careless about corresponding with customers. I made another order but I know I will get them sooner or later. I just know their customer service sucks. I can say the product is good. The service is terrible.

    1. Thanks for your response… and go for original website to know about services …. Thank you..@

  14. Ordered on April 24th. It’s now July 8th. Already corresponded with them in May. I’ll be filing for a return of funds from PayPal.





  16. I ordered 8 masks on May 6, 2020 but I never received them. I have called–no one ever answers and I have emailed and even though it says they will answer you within an hour, they have not answered. The delivery said that they had been delivered but they never were. If they are not going to deliver them, then I want a full refund of $79.84.

  17. I’m beginning to think that this company was just a scam. Even the name is suspicious. They might have scammed us but at the end you will have your just due. God is watching all of you.

  18. I ordered 4 masks on July 3rd. I never received a confirmation although my credit card was billed immediately with the provider being Aleumdr. The phone number does not work, I’ve sent several emails and have not heard back. This has to be a scam

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