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Slevewist Reviews [April] – Is This Not A Fake Website?

Slevewist Reviews [April] – Is This Not A Fake Website? >> Well, you might be searching answer of this post. You will get all the details regarding this website in this post. Read its review here and decide yourself!

The internet has revolutionized the whole system of shopping. Since online shopping has numerous and multiple advantages, more and more people these days prefer online shopping over the traditional methods of going to stores. 

Online shopping is a convenient mode of shopping, and you can shop in the comfort of your home. It offers other benefits like variety, easy to gift, no crowd and long queues, convenient price comparison, and access to not required inventory.

Due to an increase of the online shoppers, many online stores are emerging into the market and it has raised an important question that whether all these online stores are safe or not? One such online store that is gaining popularity in the United States is Slevewist.top

Under this class of Slevewist Reviews, we will give you the complete idea about this online store and will cover all the information about the store. Kindly read the full post so that you can have a complete understanding of this online store and an idea of whether you should buy from this store or not?

What is Slevewist?

Slevewist is an online store, which is located at Slevewist.top and sells gifts for kids and babies, home gifts, jeans, and sweaters. This store is highly popular in the United States. On their official website, they claim to offer the best deals on all their products. They deliver and ship worldwide. Their refund and return policy is mentioned on their official website. The contact information is mentioned as follows, on the website:

Address: 1527 Fruitland dr, BELLINGHAM, WA, 98226

Contact Number: +1 8456360200

Email: slevewist@outlook.com

How does Slevewist work?

Slevewist claims to offer premium service and longstanding commitment to its customers, but is it trustworthy or not? Their official website is SSL (https) encrypted, which shows that it is secured. There are multiple payment options available on the website, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Stripe. They offer free shipping and returns on all the orders. 

Slevewist also keeps you informed and up to date about the latest products, news, and promotions, after you sign up for their newsletter. The design and layout of the website is pretty decent, but does it give the promise that it is safe?

What we explored about Slevewist?

From the other Slevewist Reviews and customer reviews, we have found that many customers are complaining that they have not received their orders after making the payments. 

Slevewist official website or their domain name is also less than six months old, and hence it lacks trust and safety. 

Some of the Red Flags that we have discovered for Slevewist are as follows:

  • The content in the About Us section and other sections of the website is plagiarized; means the content is copied and pasted from some other websites. You can check it yourself from any plagiarism checker tool.
  • In the About Us section, there is any information about the founders and the team of the store.
  • There are no buttons for social media on their official website, which shows zero social media presence.
  •  There is no option provided for giving reviews, which means there is no review section available, and hence their clients can’t add reviews after buying and using the product.
  • On their official website, there is no tracking system available which means; there is no system to monitor the progress or flow of the ordered products. It worries us to some extent.
  • The name of the owner of the domain: slevewist.top is not shown, means it is hidden.
  • The contact details are also copied and pasted from the other websites. We have seen the same contact details in other online stores’ contact information.


Our experts have analyzed the website, and from other Slevewist Reviews, we have found that one should use this online store for shopping, very carefully. The Slevewist website has a decent website design, product pictures are well placed, and proper product descriptions are also provided. 

But, since, as we have discovered and analyzed, this online store is new in the market, and it has more cons than the pros. There are many unsafe and untrustworthy online stores on the internet, which are selling high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Through this post of Slevewist Reviews, we have given you complete ideas and knowledge about this online store. Now, it is your choice whether to go for online shopping here or not? Kindly share your experience with us by leaving the remark below. We will be happy to hear from you!

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