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Smlikyo Review [July] Is it an Another Scam?

Smlikyo Review
Smlikyo Review [July] Is it an Another Scam? -> In the above article, you read about a website dealing with innovative, customized products.

Do adventure sports intrigue you? In case it does, you are one of the thousands in the United States who look out for lucrative deals for adventure sports equipment. is one such website that offers you customized products suited to your interest.

 All you have to do is choose and order online, and the product is delivered at your doorstep, customized, and to your liking. However, keeping in mind, the aspect of consumer safety Smlikyo Review has stepped in to check out the website on your behalf and gather all the information you need for going ahead with your order.

Smlikyo Reviews has brought you detailed information regarding the utility of the site and an answer to a fundamental question: “Is a scam or legit?”

What is is a website offering customized products based on your hobbies and interests. The site currently offers deals in three products, namely, Bikes, Kayaks, and Towable Tubes

Smlikyo uses the Shopify platform to host several adventure sports products and promises customization of each order. Smlikyo Reviews also found the website to be asking their customers to contact them, in case the desired customization or even the product is not available in the listings, as they can “work out” a deal.


  • Website type: Sports and adventure sports products
  • Shipping time: not specified
  • Delivery time: not specified
  • Shipping charge: not mentioned
  • Refund: Applicable if the order is canceled before shipping or returned
  • Return: Applicable within 14 days after receipt
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Not specified
  • Exchange: Not applicable
  • Company address: Not found
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Email address:
  • Payment mode: PayPal and Venmo; accepts all cards like Amex, Diners Club, Apple Pay, Discover, and others

Pros of

  • The website deals with customized sports products.
  • The website gets the products delivered at your doorstep.
  • They accept all payment methods.
  • Any blacklist engine does not detect the site.

Cons of

  • The website uses a third-party mail server.
  • They have not mentioned customer reviews on their page.
  • No phone number or address is specified on the site.
  • COD not offered by the site.

Is a scam or legit?

The research conducted by Smlikyo Reviews brings to the surface the highly dubious nature of The website is very young, and traffic seems very low. There are no customer reviews found at all. The only contact with the owners is through an email, and that too based on a free outlook domain. There are no phone numbers available. The website is also tagged by the word “Wersht”, which an up till a few months earlier was “SHANHGH”. 

And although the website supplies goods to the United States, jurisdiction for any legal dispute is stated to be governed by laws of the UK on the site’s Policy page. A company registered the website in China, and the IP address can be traced to Canada. The entire matter, thus, is highly suspicious. 

The Return Policy listed in the website states 14 days within receipt but does not specify any actual procedure or rules. The refund part is even more vague and unclear. asks its consumers to first check with the bank and credit card companies for the refund and then contact them.

 Also, there is absolutely no timeline specified for the delivery of the ordered items. The website itself is also less than six months old, and the entire matter seems even more dubious.

Smlikyo Reviews presents a few more details for a better understanding of our readers.

Customer Reviews

Surprisingly even though the website is less than six months old, Smilikyo Reviews could trace zero customer reviews and feedbacks for any product purchase from This itself raises a lot of questions as to the legitimacy of the site.

Some of the reviews found also are not in favor of the site. Customers do not prefer the same for any further purchases. 

They have mentioned that the products delivered are different from the ones displayed on the site. Also, they have written that the products are not worth the money paid for it.

Final Verdict

The detailed analysis, as presented above, rightly brings Smilikyo Reviews to the conclusion that the website is a scam. There is no legit purchase or feedback recorded for the site to date. Once the transaction is made, contacting the company for a refund would also be extremely difficult. It is better to stay away from this website.

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