Website Reviews Scam {Oct 2020} Get a Brief Review Scam {Oct 2020} Get a Brief Review -> We have given detailed information about a group that claims to help people settle their damages.

Have you ever claimed for damages to your insurer? of the California Recovery Group helps people claim their money for the damages caused to their property. Many such groups claim to get your money settled, but they can be a scam. Thus, here in this post, we will discuss the Scam, whether it is a scam. 

You may get contacted by several such groups who will pose to help you get your money from your insurer. But, it is wise to know about them by a thorough investigation that has been done by us. The website is from the United States and is not very old. Continue reading the article to get more information.

Know About the Group

The California Recovery Group claims to help people recover damages caused by the smoke contamination from wildfires. Damages may include those caused to your health, property, and other belongings. They say that smoke contamination is not visible by the naked eye and needs an evaluation from an expert.

They claim to do a microscopic examination of the contamination caused by smoke and then evaluate the property’s damage. Then the group negotiates with the insurer on your behalf and gets your money from them.

What is the Procedure?

  • They inspect your property and do not charge any fees till settlement.
  • They make settlements depending on the cause, location, and the extent to which damage was caused.
  • They negotiate a settlement with the insurer on your behalf.
  • Claim to give you an equitable and fair settlement.

Disadvantages of Using Services

  • The website from the United States has very little information available to judge it.
  • The owner has hidden his information, and the people can make no direct contact.
  • The license number given on the website is not valid, as can be checked on the website that checks valid licenses.
  • There is no BBB accreditation available for the website.
  • A lot of scams are going on that resemble such groups, who claim to get your damages settled. Hence, Scam might be one of them.

What People Talk about

Smoke is of the California Recovery Group, and it has a lot of reviews available online. People are quite happy with their services and are suggesting other users try their service. Any likes or posts are absent on a social media platform like Facebook, which creates a doubtful image.

There are very few negative reviews available, and hence it is hard to say that Scam is real.

The Conclusion

Looking at all the aspects of the group that claims to settle your damages seems to be a legit one and can be trusted. Although an invalid license on the website is a bad sign, and the absence of BBB accreditation also makes it a doubtful group.

The readers are requested to be careful and analyze the group from the review given in this article and then proceed.


  1. I received a post card in the mail addressed to myself or current resident. The card was glossy and appeared expensive but I absolutely thought of it as a scam. My immediate area has has not had an actual wild fire withing 30 miles of my residence, the last close wild fires are causing me to be unable to breath well but I can’t see that it has anything to do with my own home owners’ insurance and have never made a claim of any sort. If I had made any sort of claim, I’d might have made contact with them but after looking at this website and many others, I also think it is possible that this is a valid service offered. However I question the idea of a mass mailing in a community that has NOT actually had a wild fire….we are just close and the air is hard to breath. Given this article and the fact that I also couldn’t easily find a BBB rating; I would not use this service, even if I had filed a claim. It appears to me to be akin to ambulance chasing. dRU

  2. I checked with a name review for California Recovery Group, rather than. License number on the California agency web site and it came up as a legit license.

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