Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam (Dec 2021) Stay Alert!

Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam 2021

Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam (Dec 2021) Stay Alert! >> The guide shares details about the new scam and the process on how to report it.

Snapchat users in the United States have been alerted about a new text message scam circulating over the internet. The users are being warned to fall victim to the text message scam circulated by cyber thieves.

Snapchat is the renowned and popularly used social networking application with millions of active users worldwide. A huge user base of Snapchat has been warned about the new text message scam carried out by fraudsters.

Users are complaining that their Snapchat accounts are compromised after providing the 2FA codes to scammers. So, what is Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam?

What is Snapchat Text Message Scam? 

Snapchat Text Message Scam is the new scam circulating online targeting Snapchat users to hack their accounts. The scammers are tricking Snapchat users worldwide, including the United States and urging them to share the two-factor authentication code or 2FA code to hack and access their social networking accounts. 

The scammers are hacking their accounts and blackmailing them for hard cash. They are threatening them to share their private images online unless they provide them some cash. Below you will learn to avoid the Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam.

What is 2FA Code in Snapchat?

As you attempt to log in with your social media account from an unrecognized device, it sends you an authentication code or 2FA code. The 2FA code is the two-factor authentication code required to log into your social media account from a device that is not linked to your social account. It is used to log in successfully on a device that is not linked to a Snapchat account. 

It is the security measure that protects the Snapchat account from being fraudulently accessed. 

How to Spot the Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam?

Snapchat will always address the users by their username, and they will never ask for any password, two-factor authentication code and other information. 

So, when you receive an email or text message asking you for the F2A code, you must avoid the message or report it to Snapchat immediately for further actions.

You must not share the code to any scammer as they will use it to log in to your account from another device and blackmail you for hard cash. Below is the guide on how to report the Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam.         

How to Report the Scam?

If you have received any scam text message asking you for the F2A code, never share it with the scammer. Instead, you must report about the text message.

  • Go to the official website of Snapchat.
  • Click on the “Contact Us” page.
  • Choose the right option to report the scam or click on “I Think my Account Has Been Hacked.”
  • Share your credentials, including username, email address, and mobile number.    
  • Describe the issue and the scam text message in the space given. 
  • Click on the “Send” button.

You can directly visit the Contact Us page to report the scam. 


Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam targets worldwide users and hacking their accounts to misuse for their best interest. Many people have reported about the scam, and Snapchat takes necessary actions to avoid such suspicious activities. 

There are also other online scams targeting people globally. But, you may learn to avoid and report Online Scams

Have you fallen victim to the Snapchat text message scam? What steps have you taken to protect yourself? Please share it in the comments section below.

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