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Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Fake Or Scam Site

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews 2020

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Fake Or Scam Site >> Want to know if the site is valid or not? Go through the information given above to know site.

Are you interested in shopping for different shoes online? Do you want to shop these at reasonable prices? You can get all the details regarding the site and the products that are available through it from the information provided below.

Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews helps to know about the various products available on the web-store and which the customers can easily purchase and get delivered to their place.

The developers of the site aim to provide their customers with the best range of products very quickly. We see that the site works actively in the United Kingdom.

If the customers want a satisfaction guarantee and best work performance, this is the appropriate stop for them. We see that to know more regarding the site and the delivery options, the customers need to check out the complete blog.

What is Sneaker Addicts?

It is an online store, and as per the Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews, it provides different kinds of footwear and sneakers online for customers worldwide. We see that there are a different set of sneakers that are available on the site.

These would involve safety footwear and the elemental sneaker range. The site also provides the unique collection of footwear for daily work and outdoor activities developed with unique material and provide resistance to daily wear and tear.

The customers of the United Kingdom will find the products useful and demanding. We see that there are different sections on the site that provide different product range. All sizes and colors are available in the available products.

In order to know about the site in detail, the users should read the complete information.

What is so unique about Sneaker Addicts UK?

The Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews show that customers get free delivery Worldwide. They can order the different products to the address they want them to get it delivered. The products reach the customers on time and in the best quality.

Also, we know that the customers can quickly return the products if they do not find the sizes suitable or the color.

Moreover, the colors are bright and attractive, which the customers would love shopping from the site.

Also, the sneakers are made to the demands that are coming up with new fashion and designs. In addition to this, the Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews shows that products are very comfortable, and the customers can use them for daily work, trekking, and much more purposes.


  • Product: Shoes and sneakers
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: Dubai business center, A building, 2nd floor, UAE
  • Contact: Not given 
  • Domain age: 2 days
  • Shipping: Free 
  • Delivery: Not mentioned 
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Refunds: After analyzing the returned product
  • Payments: PayPal,  Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Visa Debit, supplied Coupon Credit codes & in-store Gift Cards

Pros of shopping from Sneaker Addicts UK:

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Comfortable sneakers
  • Different sizes are available
  • Easy accessibility

Cons of shopping from Sneaker Addicts UK: 

  • No social media involvement
  • No ratings and Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews found on the internet
  • Suspicious account

Is Sneaker Addicts UK legit?

We find that the site is active only for two days. Also, the site’s trust index is not at all useful, which makes it suspicious in the users’ eyes. 

The required content, such as the address, seems to be fake, and the contact details are not provided.

Also, no reviews are there on the site or the internet, making us judge it as a scam website.

Customer feedback on Sneaker Addicts UK:

As per our research, we find that the site does not have any relevant Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews, which the customers can consider to know about the products’ quality. Also, as the site is very new, it cannot be regarded as a trustworthy store to shop products.

We do not see any social involvement of the site, too, that leaves a suspicion in customers’ minds.

Final verdict:

We do not regard the site as an open store to shop for products. If the customer’s order products from it, they might lose money, and a refund is doubtful.

It is also recommended that the customers check out the Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews and prefer the sites that have high ratings and customer reviews to shop products.

Thus, we would not recommend this online store for purchasing products. Also, mention your feedback regarding the information and the details we provide.


  1. My son ordered shoes beginning of December and hasn’t heard anything, we sent email few days back requesting a REFUND still nothing! Rubbish site no contact number- what are we now going to do??

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