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Snooker Championship 2022 Players {Feb} Explore Event!

Gaming Tips Snooker Championship 2022 Players

The Snooker Championship 2022 Players are participating in the tournament now. Read to find more about the game, its history and prize money.

The 2022 Snooker Championship is now started in Wolverhampton in England. The snooker players Worldwide and the Snooker Championship 2022 Players who have participated in the event have made certain records. The conduct of the event came to light after the Covid-19. 

The event is officially known as the 2022 Kazoo Players Championship and is now streaming at the ITV4 broadcaster in the United Kingdom. The championship started on 7th February and will be completed on 13th February 2022. John Higgins from Scotland is the defending champion. 

The Format of the Championship

World Snooker Championship is the most prestigious snooker tournament in the world. The tournament switched on the knockout format from 1969, and the Snooker Championship 2022 Players has been organised annually since 1970. The participant players are generally decided based on current world rankings. The seedings of the current championship are released, and one year ranking of players is included, and the Germans Masters of this year are included. 

Sixteen players are competing this year, and most of them are from England. Usually, we have seen that the Snooker Championship Players is seen with UK Championship and Invitational Masters and counted as the Triple Crown Series, which is significantly the greatest Snooker tournament globally.

The Rankings of Snooker Championship 2022 Players

If we look at the tournament’s history, Joe Davis ruled the game with the domination for the first two decades of the championship. The first fifteen championships were won by Davis, which is still a world record. In the modern tournament era with the knock out rules, the record for most titles is made by Stephen Hendry. Stephen has won the tournament seven times. Eleven breaks were made by Cliff Thorbum, which is a record in the game’s history. 

Prize System in the Championship 

The seeding system of Snooker Championship 2022 Players made some changes in the format of the game. If we look at the current prize funds, the winner will get £125,000, the runner-up will get £50,000, and the semi-finalists will get £30,000. The player with the highest break will get £10,000. The total prize fund amounts to £385,000. 

The tournament has started offering handsome money nowadays as no such monetary incentives were available in the early years of the championship. The tournament now fetches lots of sponsors, and broadcast rights are also a massive source of income. 


The history of Snooker Championship 2022 Players has been a history of domination by fee players. Still, with the advancement in technology and other things available, there are players Worldwide competing to get the title which now offers a substantial lucrative prize. The changes in the format of the game have also contributed to this. To know more, see Players Championship Snooker 2022

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