Soar Selfie Ring Light Review {May 2021} Is It Legit?

Soar Selfie Ring Light Review 2021

Soar Selfie Ring Light Review {May 2021} Is It Legit? >> A light that can enhance the quality of your photos and videos and this light is available at reasonable prices. So let’s see is the products real?

Have you thought you can take beautiful pics and videos from your smartphone with more lighting effects?

With this light, you can increase the lighting of your smartphones. This light is used mostly in the United States & Canada.

In Soar Selfie Ring Light Reviewwe will let you know how this light is working and how light is useful for you. Let have a look on this article.

What is Soar Selfie Ring Light?

Soar selfie ring light is an LED light used in smartphones and laptops to improve the efficiency of cameras with more lighting.

Smartphone users can attach this to their smartphone while clicking selfies; this LED light helps to increase the light in your photo, making it look more beautiful in selfies.

Laptop users can use it while having a video call or conference call. As per Soar Selfie Ring Light Reviewit had three levels of brightness which can adjust as per the user needs.

Currently, this light is available in white color on the official website of soar. Over that, the company had explained all the things, and who to use this light with the help of photos, from this site you can check there more photos, features, product specifications, and prices.

Specification of soar selfie ring light:

  • It is available in white color.
  • As we had checked on the site, there were no questions, and answers were available on the site.
  • We did not found Soar Selfie Ring Light Review on their site and on the internet as we had examined.
  • The products specification is available on the site.
  • The site trust score is very bad, which is only at 11%.
  • No details have been given about how much warranty or guaranty is there on the product.
  • This company is available on social media platforms. 


  • Very useful to take selfies and have video and conference call.
  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Available with 3 brightness levels. 
  • It is useful to take pics at night.
  • Many payments options. Do you have any issue with PayPal payments click in this link? 
  • While research for Soar Selfie Ring Light Reviewwe found that this light comes with 2 AAA batteries inside the box.


  • There was no contact us page available on the site.
  • The contact number and email address was also missing as we try to check the bottom on their website.
  • The company stands at only an 11% trust score.
  • The site was not well maintained.
  • No details were available about return, exchange, and refund. 
  • The Customer Care Number is not available.
  • No guaranty or warranty was there on the products.
  • The company did not clarify how they have maintained the quality of the products.  
  • No Soar Selfie Ring Light Review as we checked with the Trustpilot tool.

Soar Selfie Ring Light is legit?

Let Examine the following criteria is the product is real or not.

  • Trust Score: It is at only 11%, which is very risky.
  • Reviews: There is no reviews available on the site and on the internet
  • Brand foundation Date:5th Jan 2021
  • Real Address: Not available.
  • Customer Care Number: Not available.
  • Warranty or guaranty: Not available.
  • Product Availability: In the United States & Canada.

The products might be a scam. So please check it properly before buying.

Have you before poking in scams? Click here. So you can check other articles.

Soar Selfie Ring Light Review

This product did not have any reviews as we look on their side. But further, we had also checked the reliable sites like on Trustpilot, but we did not find any review of soar selfie ring light.

After looking on their social media page, there was no post of the selfie ring lightDo you want to know about credit card scams, then click here.

The Final Verdict:

As we research the product on the site and the internet, we found that they have only an 11% trust score on the Trustpilot site, which was risky. Additionally, there was no Soar Selfie Ring Light Review on the internet.

The product prices and specifications are available; the site did not have any contact us page. Have a look at this link.

Which light do you prefer for selfies? Comment down in the below area and make us aware about your experience.

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