Solo Leveling 169 PT {Sep} When Will It Be Released?

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Explore the Solo Leveling 169 PT and know the reason behind the delay in launching the latest chapter. Read the content here.

Are you fond of reading web novels? Are you also waiting to know the story of Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 169? Then we are here to share the brief details of it with you.

The anime enthusiasts were wondering whether to read the next part of the story, but the latest adjustments in the schedule have gained the fans’ attention in Brazil.

Why has the release been delayed? When will the latest chapters of Solo Leveling Manga be available? If these questions are also striking in your mind, then let’s explore Solo Leveling 169 PT.

What is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling or I Level UP Alone is a well-known Korean novel. Written by Chu-gong, this was published in digital comics on July 25, 2016. The action and fantasy storyline of Solo Leveling makes it more interesting for anime lovers.

Background of the Novel

The novel’s background connects you to the world of humans and monsters, where a small population has acquired supernatural powers to defeat monsters. Sung Jin-woo, often regarded as a protagonist, holds the position of the weakest hunter in South Korea.

Solo Leveling 169 PT and its upcoming chapters can be understood better if the story’s plot is clear.

However, on one fine day, when a dangerous dual dungeon trapped Sung Jin-Woo and some other hunters, few of them managed to survive, whereas Sung Jin-Woo died. He then woke up in the hospital and realized that he had transformed into a reawakening player.  The unique powers made him a stronger person who could open the mysteries of monsters.

What is the upcoming story of Solo Leveling 169 PT?

Sung Jin- Woo has defeated the monarchs with his ash-born power. Moreover, the entry of the Shadow Army on the planet to serve Jin has also been done. The upcoming story of the novel will bring lots of action as wars are on the way for Jin. The Monarch of Destruction has decided to target Earth. Being aware of this attack, Jin-Woo had already called out all the hunters for help.

Will the planet be saved from these attacks? How will Jin use its extremely strong powers to defeat the monsters? The answers to these will be given when you will read the chapter Solo Leveling 169 PT.

Why is the release date of chapter 169 delayed?

As the author, Jang Seong Rak, is not well, chapter 169, which was supposed to be released on 30, September 2021 has been delayed. The new release date is October 6, 2021. The date and time of release can vary because of the different time zones used worldwide.

There might be a chance of further delay in the release if the author’s health does not recover. The expected release time is –

  •   The Pacific time – Between 9 to 11 AM
  •   The Easter time – Between 12 to 2 PM
  •   The central time – Between 11 to 1 PM


The release of Solo Leveling 169 PT has only six days left. So, set your reminders to read the latest storyline as the countdown has already begun. Moreover, all the recent updates of the plot are available on the Twitter Account of Solo Leveling.

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