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Sonusp Scam {April 2022} Get The Complete Details Here!

Have you recently received a wrong order from USPS? To find the answer to this question, kindly browse through our Sonusp Scam post to fetch genuine details.

Do you feel angry when you receive wrong ordered products even after waiting for weeks? Have you ever registered any wrong delivery or order tracking complaints with any courier provider? If not, kindly read our article as it may help the United States citizens to file complaints and get their queries resolved.

We are elaborating on wrong or misleading product delivery because a recent Sonusp Scam in the US has stirred the logistics market. Kindly continue reading our post to learn more details about it!

Why Sonusp trending?

Online criminals send the false Sonusp text message from a telephone number with a tracking number and a URL to the scam website sonusp.com. As a result, receivers are advised not to follow the link in the phony USPS Tracking scam message since the scam website would sent a message to steal financial and personal data.

Let us learn about Sonusp to verify Sonusp Reviews 

What is Sonusp?

According to our research, Sonusp is a website that is non-functional as of 12th April 2021. It is a courier service provider that offers order delivery and tracking services to ecommerce customers. Besides these details, we could not fetch more details about the website. 

What are online scams?

For online scams, the tricksters hide many essential details. Cyber security officers also do not find them quickly and punish them. Scammers will exploit personal and financial information given on the scam website fraudulently. As a result, if you have been duped into providing financial information, kindly reach out to your bank for assistance.

Sonusp Reviews

The USP from its title indicates the USPS company and its services that allow users to track their consignments and correctly receive them. However, many customers are not putting up complaints on online consumer forums to inform other users about Sonusp. 

A user has elaborated on this scam by stating that he received a text message from a phone number (8332604814) with an order tracking number (US9514961195221) and link. Upon clicking on the attached tracking link, the user is redirected to many unsecured websites that may steal his personal or bank details.

What is the Mechanism of Sonusp Scam?

For Reviews on Sonusp, the con artists claim that you have an undeliverable shipment owing to an incorrect shipping address. The SMS message has a redelivery link linked to it. The URL ‘aidingusp.com’, on the other hand, leads to a fraudulent website. This is how it works:

  • Fees for processing requests
  • You’ve been duped into providing your banking details.

You may expose your device to viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats that may compromise your system and steal your credentials. Learn about Text message scam here


You should not click on the links connected to such Sonusp Scam or provide your details, no matter how enticing it seems. The first thing you must do is disregard such scammers and search the internet for reviews.

What do you think? Leave a comment below if you have any new information to ask a question regarding this topic. Also, utilize our search engine to get answers to your queries rapidly.

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