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If you have heard of crime shows on TV or read crime novels, you must get familiar with the forensic lab. It plays an important role in the conviction of criminals.

In the United States, one such forensic lab is renowned, named Sorenson Forensics. Their Forensic laboratory products and services get used in investigating the origin​​ of real evidence and suspect items. Continue reading to know more about Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab.

What is Forensic Lab?

Forensic science is a branch of forensic medicine that concerns the application of science to criminal and civil laws. It is a highly technical area that involves examining physical evidence in connection with criminal investigations. A noted example of forensic science is DNA profiling to help solve crimes and identify victims.

Forensic Science includes biologically acquired DNA analysis, blood spatter analysis, ballistics, questioned documents analysis, toxicology analysis and trace evidence analysis.

About Sorenson Forensic Lab

Sorenson Forensics is a company that provides digital forensic services in mass data collection and analysis. Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab was named because it offers clients a wide variety of resources through its computer forensics lab. It provides forensic imaging, forensic data collection, research, and reporting services to private law firms, public agencies and corporations throughout the United States.

Sorenson Forensics also has excellent proficiency in DNA analysis. The American Society of Crime Laboratory has accredited the lab. Sorenson Forensics provides high-quality studies of forensic evidence for legal and law enforcement agencies. Also, their blog posts offer good value, and you can stay on top of all the latest developments in forensics with their social media updates.

Why Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab?

Because they offer a wide range of services like:

  • DNA analysis – Forensic DNA testing get used to determine if there’s a genetic match between two people or items to see if they’re related or have had contact.
  • Ballistics – Forensic firearms analysis involves matching fired bullets to a particular gun or determining the bullet’s trajectory that killed someone.
  • Trace evidence – Trace evidence testing can determine what material is on an item or a person’s body.

What are the tasks performed by Sorenson Forensic Lab?

  • Examine objects such as clothing, glass, bodies, documents, drugs, and firearms.
  • Match bullets or bullet fragments to specific firearms using microscopy.
  • Compare fibres for similarities in colour, size and shape under a microscope.
  • Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab compare typewriter or printing machine ribbons for similarities in lettering styles.
  • Testify in court on findings so that judges and juries may make informed decisions based on scientific data.

Final Verdict

The Sorenson Forensics lab  provides all the components necessary to run DNA-STR profiles. It is a hands-on experience that includes a review of buccal swab collection and how to conduct DNA analysis on extracted DNA. If you want to connect to the best forensic lab, you must visit their site.  

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