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South AFC Wordle {April} Want To Know? Check Here!

Gaming Tips South AFC Wordle

The post talks about South AFC Wordle and elaborates more details on the game. So, read thoroughly.

Do you play wordle? How often do you play? extensive puzzle game created by Josh Wardle has become a prominent exploration in the field of scrabble and word games. Herein, we have witnessed that multiple versions and spinoffs are developed. Besides, each is unique to its genre and field, making the game even more explorative and interesting.

The latest to join the league of Wordle games related to the AFC, also known as the Adelaide Football Club. South AFC Wordle has grown popular across Canada and United States, where it is welcomed with wide arms. So, continue to read to know more about the latest wordle spinoff.

An Overview of the game

AFC South Wordle is a word scrabble based on the South Australian phenomenon. The actual name of the Wordle is Crowle, and it is more popularly known as the Adelaide Football Club Wordle.

Besides, it is particularly different and unique compared to other Wordle games. Herein, the players have the chance to either play as a player or as coaches. In the coming section, we will also be elaborating on the game and the AFC South Receivers.

More details about the game

  • To begin with, the game has different features and is divided into categories.
  • However, similar to Wordle, players here have only six chances to guess the correct answer.
  • On the other hand, there is another difference in the game, wherein the player can play it only at 10 am.
  • The game revolves around guessing the correct name of the player or the coach within six attempts.
  • Besides, the tile will turn green on inputting the correct letter, whereas a yellow tile indicates the proper letter but is placed in the wrong place.
  • To crack the game within a few attempts, you need to be well abreast with the name of players and coaches.

South AFC Wordle – Know More Details

The game was created for Australian purposed and especially for the word row. Besides, a new game will be released at 10 am, following the rules each day. The players herein must guess the five-letter word where the players must include the name.

Furthermore, it is inspired by the South Wide AFC Receivers, including the National Football League’s Southern Conference teams. These teams are known for catching passes as wide as 800 yards. Some of the teams included in the AFC South Receivers consist of Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Indianapolis Colts.

Final Thoughts

The game is different compared to other spinoffs and formats of Wordles. Herein, the player needs to be very quick and make the correct guess about the player’s or coach’s name within six attempts, similar to Wordle’s.

However, the unique aspect of the game is that a new word is released for all players across the globe at 10 am daily. Thus, you need to be very swift and knowledgeable about the players’ names and coaches to win the South AFC Wordle. Play the Wordle game  

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