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Southern Acoustics Sanford Florida {June} Casselberry FL

Southern Acoustics Sanford Florida has discussed a good service company that is in the headlines due to the personal conduct of its worker.

Do you want to get more details on Southern Acoustics as some news related to this company is making headlines? Many social media users in the United States and Canada were searching for the Southern Acoustics keyword as news related to it getting viral in digital space.

Southern Acoustics is a sound solution for various types of the housing industry in the country, and it is situated in the Sanford area of Florida. Someone related to this company has been arrested on felony charges. To know more about the company, keep reading Southern Acoustics Sanford Florida, till the end.

Soacoustics Com Website:

Southern Acoustics is a sound solution company that started in 1988 to provide services to residential and business Housing companies. The company on its website claims to provide quality service to the client for the last thirty years. It doesn’t differentiate on the project size but completes each project on time with dedication.

The company’s website also mentions the firm’s completed project and the material and services offered by it. The contact address and mail of the company are available on its site for customer interaction and queries.

Southern Acoustics Inc Casselberry FL Customer Reviews:

The recent incident has affected its customer rating, and people are reacting negatively to the incident. The video uploaded by the victim’s father on Facebook suggests that Donald Corsi is the person that works at Southern Acoustics sound system.

  • It has recently closed its Facebook page as people are reacting negatively to the incident, and they may give a rating based on their emotions.
  • It’s rating on a well-known public review site is reduced to one star with 157 reviews. The review site has stopped taking the feedback for Southern Acoustics Inc Casselberry FL, as it is receiving increased public attention.

Services Available at Southern Acoustics:

The company has mentioned the material used in various projects and services it offers to the client. Some project names are also mentioned on the site.

  • It provides a Drywall Grid.
  • It also builds Acoustical ceilings for its housing client.
  • It also builds linear wood and metal ceilings according to the client’s needs.
  • Customers can also contact it to make an Acoustical absorbing panel.

Material used – Some of the materials offered by the company are Hunter Douglas, USG, and Chicago Metallic.

Southern Acoustics Sanford Florida on Recent Incident:

This company has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons; it appears that the company’s owner intimated a sixteen-year-old guy. After the incident video became viral, the man shouting at boy Donald Corsi was identified as the owner of Southern Acoustics.

Although Corsi and the co-accused have been charged with a felony, people on the internet accuse them of racial discrimination.

Final verdict:

The company is getting all the bad publicity due to the recent incident, as people are blaming it for individual actions. Most review sites have stopped taking customer feedback for Southern Acoustics Sanford Florida, as they want them to share their experience.

Have you taken the service of Southern Acoustics? People having experienced SAI services can share them in the comment section.

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