Space Station Gorilla Suit {Jan 2022} What Prank It Was?

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This article is penned down to get you to know about the prank done by the astronaut in space through Space Station Gorilla Suit.  

Today, let’s talk about some light-hearted content and revisit the good memories of the previous times. Let us rethink 2016’s wonderful prank that happened in space. That made people laugh out loud from various regions like the United StatesCanada, the United Kingdom, etc. 

An astronaut in a gorilla’s costume unexpectedly appeared in zero solemnity and scared the crewmates. It was unusual yet funny, and many media websites reposted this scenario again after 6 years. 

Let’s get to know the full story of Space Station Gorilla Suit below-

What Exactly Happened in Space Back in 2016? 

NASA astronauts were leagues above the planet, working wholeheartedly and abruptly, a gorilla appeared from a fluffy depository carton to terrorize people. All of them were dumbstruck and tried to figure out what exactly had happened? 

After encountering the matter, astronauts got to know that one of their colleagues needed slight humor in tense dilemmas to lighten up the moods of crewmates. He hilariously wore gorilla clothing to prank his workmates, which turned out to be incredible, and we can call this prank as Gorilla Suit International Space Station

This incident occurred a few years later, in February 2016. But, deepest gratitude to a current reposting of Reddit, which refreshes pleasant memories of the history. As per the post, one of the astronauts sent the gorilla clothing to the ISS without instructing anyone to settle it on, and funniness arose then.

But, some of them said that he was not Mark (an astronaut) but his similar lookalike brother, Scott, who scraped the costume. By looking at numerous summaries, this news seems true and not fabricated. 

About Space Station Gorilla Suit Prank Planned

Mark Kelly, who was an astronaut, plotted this joyful satire for his colleagues with the help of his brother Scott. Mark had arranged to persuade NASA to bring a maintenance packet to Scott, which included the gorilla clothing.

It might have been an expensive hoax with measures at the period indicating it had cost around $10,000 for every pound of freight sent into the vacuum. If valid, that would have put the gorilla clothing at over $50,000. However, it was undoubtedly worth it. 

Reason behind: Gorilla Suit International Space Station

An astronaut Scott Kelly was lent a gorilla robe and supposed to have some recreation on the ISS for his birthday.

The hidden reason behind this prank of the Kelly brothers was extremely interesting. It got more range than just fun as they attempted to tell what weeping in space looks and feels like. 

The gorilla clothing necessarily wasn’t desired for this sort of presentation. 

Still, most probably, the main focus was to captivate interest from an audience that might not have contrarily had any concern in space or the ISS. 


As a concluding thought, Space Station Gorilla Suit was a well-coordinated prank by the Kelly brothers. They planned this to lighten the moods of fellow astronauts and attract people’s interest in space. A huge thanks to Reddit for reposting, which made all of us goosebumps out of nostalgia. 

Note- all the represented details are entirely based on the internet’s post.

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