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Spaceship War NFT (Dec) Choose For Yourself A Spaceship!

Have you noted the unique features provided by the Spaceship War NFT? If not, we have quoted the necessary details in this post.

Do you feel entertained by defeating alien monsters to support the world? Then, this post will help you accumulate more signs about an admired game. 

The astronomists of countries like Brazil have quoted that many things are yet to explore outside the universe. Also, some of us might want to go to space; but it is impossible. However, a group of people has made it easy to enjoy the space’s experience through a game. 

So, let us discover and answer questions related to Spaceship War NFT in this write-up. 

Addressing The Game 

The game’s story is framed around 2080 where some planets, including Venus, Earth, Mercury and Mars, are in danger. In addition, the monsters from the remaining planets target other planets to win over them. So, to maintain peace, the targeted planets have collaborated and planned to compete with the evil in the ‘Spaceship War’. 

The reports have leaked that the game is connected with the Star Wars film; thus, it will let you observe the fantasy world of space. 

Contributors Of Spaceship War NFT

Harry Hieu is the CEO of this game, whereas Bi Nguyen is the game’s CMO. Moreover, the 2D artist is Kay Doan, and the CMM is Jackie. Thus, let us wind out the sails further to see their vision behind the game.

Game’s Perception 

We have determined that most BSC games have received much respect online and are still gaining admiration. Moreover, such games serve different perks to users, but most notably, it helps them gain some capital for playing and gathering tokens. 

Thus, the game volunteers have created Spaceship War NFT to provide players with the most real-time gaming and battling experience while earning rewards. In addition, they are finding ways to accelerate the game features so that gamers don’t get drilled after some time. 

NFT’s Characteristics

The game exhibited five different and unique attributes, making it unique and different from others. So, let us forecast them a little deeper.

  • Weapon Improvement: Through this feature, every player can upgrade their weapons with redundant weapons to cut additional costs. 
  • Referral Rewards: If you refer the Spaceship War NFT game to your friend, you will get 1% of every capital used by your belonging. 
  • Recovery Pool Benefits: You will get 10% of every payment in your pool rewards. 
  • Auto-burn Facility: The in-game tokens $SPW are burnt to serve the gamers’ betterment. 

Playing Procedure 

Kindly follow the steps carefully to know how to play this game: 

  • Purchase the Spaceships and weapons. 
  • Pick the Monster to fight by entering into the Battle mode.
  • If you win the fight, then you will receive $SPW tokens.
  • Then, finally, claim the Rewards. 


This composition on Spaceship War NFT has opened the folds about the history, owner, and visions in detail. In addition, we have gathered the points related to the game playing process. 

Also, we have noticed that this game is for players fond of battling evils outside the world. Thus, kindly analyse the platform properly before investing your time and effort. 

What more are you expecting from the Spaceship War game? Kindly put your words below on the question. 

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