Spar 40th Birthday Scam (Feb) Get the Review Below

Spar 40th Birthday Scam 2021

Spar 40th Birthday Scam (Feb) Get the Review Below >> You need to know about these hoaxes that try to steal your information without your consent. Read the article to learn about this fake viral message of Spar.

Spar 40th Birthday Scam is here to inform you about this news about Spar spreading among people. 

The popular Spar stores are located in various countries like South Africa, India, and Spain. Often hackers and scammers use the name of big famous stores or companies to spread fake information to the public to achieve their goals. They usually attach links in their messages and posters which, when clicked, hack your device.

Therefore, you must be aware of all the scams happening around you to be safe and alert beforehand.

What is Spar supermarket?

Spar 40th Birthday Scam talks about an international retail supermarket with more than 13,300 locations in 48 countries, including South Africa. It has four distinct store formats: EUROSPAR, SPAR, INTERSPAR, and SPAR EXPRESS, ranging from convenience stores to giant hypermarkets.

The stores are convenient and sell daily-use products from food to household supplies. They often run sales and discounts to attract customers. It is a great way to save money on daily developments in the eastern countries. They also conduct giveaways and distribute vouchers to their loyal customers.

What is Spar 40th Birthday Scam?

Many messages were spread on WhatsApp and other social media platforms saying that Spar is giving free vouchers or jobs on the occasion of the company’s 40th birthday.

The message often says that you have received a free mini-Spar voucher worth R3500 or is providing Spar job with only an R250 fee.

This has happened many times before, and each time it comes to the company’s sight, they take it to their Twitter account and warn the customers about the scam.

Earlier, the company also mentioned this scam on their website, clearly stating that Spar will never randomly call or message you to enter a competition or complete a survey to receive a reward. And Spar never asks for your bank details.

Spar 40th Birthday Scam is here to make you aware of this popular scam message as declared by Spar itself.

Customer Reviews:

People often respond to these messages and then blame the company. However, company mentioning and claiming these scams as soon as possible is helpful. 

Customers appreciate the company’s initiatives to make them aware of such frauds. What do you think of our article? Was it helpful for you? And is this initiative of the company essential and useful too? Let us know in the comments section before.

Final Verdict:

Spar 40th Birthday Scam is real. You must be aware that Spar never texts and calls its customers to reward them with free vouchers or job opportunities. Spar had already declared the same thing on their website, and Twitter handle.

Spar recommends that you not respond to these messages and be aware of these hoaxes even for future purposes.

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