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Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name {June} Novel Details!

This article describes a recent trending anime series developed based on a Chinese comic novel. Read more details about the Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name.

Are you excited about a popular web series? Do you want to know more about the whereabouts of the anime series? Then, read this article until the end as we go through the relevant content of this trending anime-based series. 

Web streamers from the United States are eager to look at one of the most discussed Chinese animation series in recent times. The engaging storyline and character-building make Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name more popular among the other web novels.

About Spare Me, Great Lord Novel

Spare Me, Great Lord is a Chinese web series that consists of 12 episodes in total. All the episodes were published online but the series is currently unavailable on any major streaming platforms. Based on a comic book, the animation series consists of popular genres such as adventure, comedy, action and fantasy. 

The story revolves around the protagonist Lu Shu, a young man and his learning about himself and the world. Each episode that lasts around 25 minutes shares the life experiences of   Lu Shu. Read more about Spare Me Great Lord Anime Where to Watch.

Where to watch Spare Me, Great Lord?

  • All the episodes of Spare Me, Great Lord got published, but the series is currently unavailable on any major streaming platforms.
  • As the series gained popularity recently, even the local platforms have not listed the series.
  • Tencent Penguin Pictures, the series producer, has no streaming platforms.
  • A few episodes are available on YouTube, but most of the episodes are not published there.
  • There are possibilities to find the series on the least popular local Chinese platforms, but the streaming access gets limited to other countries.

Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name

  • The Spare Me, Great Lord series is an animated version of a novel by Hui Shuohua de Zhouz. The novel’s exact title is used as the title of the series.
  • BigFireBird Animation is behind the creation and development of this series.
  • Along with the central character Lu Shu, Lu Xiaoyu, his sister, also joins him as the story progresses.
  • The siblings are exposed to various supernatural obstacles, events and people along their journey.
  • The story gets more intense and engaging alongside the appearance of interesting characters Lu Shu encounters during his challenging and risky journey.

Audience Ratings 

  • Spare Me Great Lord Where to Watch is one among the recent trending questions, as the web series got a 7.63/10 rating among the series viewers. 
  • A total of 8151 users took part in online rating.
  • The series is ranked 1278 per myanimelist.net, an online platform for Animation enthusiasts.
  • A total of 251 members on myanimelist.net has favorited the series.


Spare Me, Great Lord is gaining popularity with the increase in popularity of anime series based on Asian novels. To have a detailed insight, please take a look at this link. 

Have you found any streaming platforms with Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name? If yes, kindly mention it in the comment section.

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