Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822 (June) Read!

Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822 (June) Read!

Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822 (June) Read! >> Looking for the details of Car washing services? Please read and capture the details of a store here.

Does your car need maintenance? Are you looking for an affordable store that cleans your cars? Then, you are at a perfect platform as today’s article will share the details of a portal that provides car washing and oil changing services in Orlando, United States

We all are aware of the fact that cars need a proper cleaning after every two weeks. But searching for a good platform that offers trustworthy services and repairing the vehicles well is difficult. 

To know about Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822 briefly, we need to dig every detail of it.

What is Sparkling Image Car Wash?

Sparkling Image Car Wash is a store located in Orlando, Florida that offers different car washing services per the customer’s demand. The washing of a car depends on the climate and usage of corrosive material, so professional cleaning is necessary to maintain a good appearance.

The store has different packages for its customers. The washing menu includes exterior and detailing services. The Lube section of Sparkling Image provides needy lubricants, and oil changing services.

Important Details about the Store 

  • Physical address –5699, Lake Margaret, Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822
  • Contact number – 4078238771
  • URL –
  • Visiting hours – The services are available from Monday to Saturday within a time limit of 8 am – 6 pm.

Benefits offered by Sparkling Image Car Wash

Unlimited Wash Club is a special service opened for the ease of customers. You have to choose either full car service or some external packages for only a short time.

You might think, what benefits does it offer to an individual? Well, first of all, it’s affordable with no long-life contracts. Moreover, once you choose this club, your membership will be renewed automatically. You can pay for your car washing services every month. 

People’s Remarks about Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822

You must know the opinion of the users before giving your vehicles for cleaning. As per Google Reviews, the store is rated with 1.6 stars. More than three thousand people have used the services of Sparkling Image Car Wash. 

After paying $24.99, people were not satisfied with the car washing as they did not properly wipe the doors, dust and trash were not removed from the dash, and interior windows were not even touched and still had a layer of dirt.

However, Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822 had also received positive feedback. Some of them find the service of the store to be excellent. The friendly staff members give properly cleaned cars in short time. Moreover, the monthly plans offered by Unlimited Wash Club are appreciated by the people.

Closing Thoughts

The bottom line of the content is that the Sparkling Image Car Wash has different customer’s comments, which are mixed of negative and positive. The store offers oil changing, vacuuming, general maintenance, and many more services that your car needs. 

If you want to grab details about various types of car-washing or what factors it depends on, please click the mentioned link.

After getting well known with Sparkling Image Car Wash Orlando FL 32822, are you interested in making your visit? Please comment your answers. We will be glad to hear from you.

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