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Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021 {Aug} Get Complete Insight!

This article describes a street artist who appeared in a famous American music cover album during his childhood. Read more on Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021.

Album cover pictures are considered to be an important part of an album. Are you interested in knowing about the real incidents behind a famous cover picture released in 1991 and is creating recent controversies? If so, read the article to know more.

Audiences from the United States and other parts of the world are waiting to know more about this incident, gaining popularity recently. Read the complete article to know more about the recent controversies and Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021.

Who is Spencer Elden?

He is a street artist from the USA who appeared on the cover of the famous Nirvana album while he was a kid. He gained popularity based on this single event as the album became a huge commercial success. He was a student at the Art Centre College of Design in California. 

Spencer Elden is doing his artistic works in Los Angeles. He studied more about street art under the supervision of Shepard Fairey. He has tattooed the name of the album “Nevermind” on his chest., according to his picture in 2016.

Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021

  • Spencer Elden was only four months old when he was chosen to be the cover photo of the 1991 Nirvana album in which it shows a kid without clothes in a swimming pool following a dollar bill placed on a hook. 
  • Even though he gained massive popularity during the album’s initial release, he couldn’t use that advantage to scale up his net worth, resulting in an average net worth of $50000.
  • He later recreated this photo for $1000, five times the amount he received for the original photo, which added a small contribution to Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021.
  • For this famous appearance in the cover photo, he was paid $200 by the photographer Kirk Weddle, who was the friend of Elden’s father.

Recent Controversies:

  • Elden has filed a lawsuit against the band for violating child-related law in the cover photo of “Nevermind,” released in 1991.
  • He is seeking a massive $150,000 for the damages that have happened to him due to the cover album photo.
  • The photo of him as a kid underwater doesn’t hide his private parts, which violates federal law and has created lifelong damages for Elden, as he mentions in his lawsuit, which can increase Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021.
  • His parents also haven’t signed any documents related to the picture’s release, which was released globally.
  • The lawsuit is against Kirk Weddle, MCA Records, Warner Records, DCG Records, Album, and the Universal Music Group.


Spencer Elden is a street artist who got popular due to his picture in Nirvana’s cover album. Have you ever tried to know about the net worth of Spencer Elden?  After the research done in this article, we learned about his net worth as $50,000.

What is your opinion about the recent controversy behind this cover album pictures from 1991? Kindly share your opinion with us about this topic on Spencer Elden Net Worth 2021.

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