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Child’s adolescence is the most treasured time for kids and their parents, and to make the experience joyful, Spimbey review comes forth with an exclusive range of prettier, safer, and fun-filled playsets. 

Kids love to have an exciting playground as they consider it a new world filled with innovation and adventures. The home playground that was once standard in regards to choices has been transformed by Spimbey, the US-based company with an exclusive range of fresh and innovative products. 

It aims to change things for your kids with an exciting range of modular playsets. 

A Few Lines About Spimbey

Spimbey review is the US-based playset designing company that has launched the innovative concept of modular playsets for kids. It aims to redesign the home playground with safety and the highest efficiency. 

The company specializes in detachable modular playsets that are easy to assemble and give your kids the most exciting experience at your backyard or home playground. Spimbey adds a magnetic attraction to your home playground but also reinvents how a child views their playtime with an exclusive range of modular toys. 

It focuses on making the playground assembly faster and easier, giving more time to parents to enjoy their weekends rather than becoming a de facto family carpenter.

Depending upon the available areas in your backyard and kid’s preference, you can order any number of playground components and modular playsets. 

What Is So Exciting About Modular Playsets by Spimbey?

The primary element of the modular playsets lies in the modular nature of the components. The company delivers some innovative range, including swings slides, playhouse, seats, playsets, and more. 

If you plan to have an innovative and attractive playhouse in your backyard, then Spimbey has the solution for you. Each part of the modular playset comes separately, and they are easy to attach, helping you create an all-in-one integrated playground to enthrall your kids in their growing age. 

Besides, it allows you to use the available space efficiently and cost-effectively, which lasts for years to come. 

Ethical Sourcing and Spimbey

The company’s major focus is to ensure that all components and modular playsets are designed using ethically sourced raw materials. The wood used for creating the products is sourced from 100% responsible and renowned forest projects and mills. It is the primary aim of the CEO when designing modular playsets. 

What makes the products even more impressive for buyers is that the wall panels and roofs of the playsets come pre-assembled to reduce the time spent assembling and erecting the structure. Conceptualized and designed by the experienced team, the safety features are paramount in all the products of Spimbey. It indicates that products are created in adherence to important regulatory requirements for kid’s playthings of this type. 

Available in a variety of color choices along with a lifetime warranty, the modular playsets are pre-labeled, sanded, drilled, and ready to assembly using easy-to-understand instructions. Buyers can access the complete range of modular playsets and play furniture for kids from the website. They can find the images and product descriptions to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. 

Features of Modular Playsets by Spimbey   

Spimbey Playset is the stylish Swiss-engineered wooden playset that once commenced as the kick-starter project transformed into a successful modular playset from the brand. Here are the few worth mentioning highlights that make Spimbey’s Modular Playset a successful component for every household. 

  • Completely Modular – The playsets are completely modular, allowing parents to order less or more based on the available space in their home playground. The brand has pieces that can be used individually or combined to create a classic three-position swing design, climbing wall, play deck, slide, ladder, picnic benches, slide, sandpit, and more.  
  • Different Color Options – The playsets are available in different color choices. It has accessories swappable pastel traps in four different color options. Parents can choose a different color combination to make the playtime exciting for the kids. 
  • Easy Assembly – From conception until the end, the playset needs minimal or negligible assembly. The playsets are easy to assemble and require no special tools or skills. Assembly is a breeze because of the pre-drilled holes, pre-cut parts, Swiss structural engineering, and pre-assembled parts. 
  • Free from Hazardous Chemicals for Lumber Treatment – Spimbey claims to use high-quality wood sourced from certified mills. The wooden materials are treated with water-based paints, and they are rot-resistant.    

These are some of the features of Spimbey Playsets that make them widely popular amongst parents and kids. You can have a complete view of the product on its official video

Wrapping It All

The Swiss-engineered modular playsets from Spimbey are getting a favorite choice of kids and parents worldwide. The brand has reached its set goal, and it is still on a mission. If you want to access more information about the modular playset and playground, simply visit its official website. 

Parents can now reinvent the playtime for this child with the new modular playsets by Spimbey.

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