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Sportoning com Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit & Reliable Site

Sportoning com Reviews 2020

Sportoning com Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit & Reliable Site >> Are you looking for trendy shoes this winter? Read more to find out the legitimacy of website!

Sportoning com Reviews; are you confused between heels and shoes? Can find heels everywhere but can’t find a good pair of sneakers? Let us help you decide!

Heels can make you look taller and even compliment your whole look, but wearing heels for long can hurt your feet up to the point where walking itself gets difficult. 

For any women finding the correct and comfortable pair of shoes is significant, heels are mostly for occasions proper they make you look better complimenting your dress but can be satisfied at times.

In this article, we will discuss a website that offers shoes that are too good to be true, which is based in the United States. 

So let’s get into the details!

What is Sportoning com Reviews?

The website is women-centric online web-store that deals only with shoes of different types. The website claims to be founded in 2016, and the main goal of the company is to satisfy their customers.

The website currently has sneakers, outdoor sneakers, slip-ons, chunky trainers and skate shoes.

The shoes are of various sizes and colours; the best part is that they are available at an affordable price. There is also a section for the top sellers, recommended and best sellers.

Now let us get into the details of the website and see what the website has more to offer!

Specifications of Sportoning com Reviews

  • The web-store is a women-centric website dealing with only shoes.
  • The website can be accessed via
  • The website’s shipping policy claims to deliver products within 10 to 22 days.
  • International shipping is not available.
  • Free shipping can be availed if the products are purchased above $50; below that amount, a shipping fee of $20 is charged.
  • Exchange is available only if the product received has any defects, with proper evidence within 30days.
  • Orders can be cancelled with 12-24 hours of the order placed and not more than that.
  • Return of 30 days is available but only if the product is not used and with the original packaging.
  • As per Sportoning com Reviews refund is applicable only if the item is in the same condition as it was while the purchase if not the refund can be rejected.
  •  The website has a support option for queries and also an email for further communications, i.e.
  • The website provides no contact number.
  • A physical address is mentioned by the company, which is 1806 avenue, Lowa, Madison, United States.
  • The website accepts PayPal and all types of credit cards and debit cards.
  • The website was created on 25th November 2020, which makes the website 12 days old.


  • As per Sportoning com Reviews, there is a wide variety of shoe collections.
  • The description of each product is detailed.
  • Shoes for all types of activities are available.


  • There is no international shipping available.
  • No space for reviews on the website.
  • No social media links are displayed on the website.

Is the website legit or not?

The website has beautiful aesthetics and is very attractive to many viewers; also, the shoes displayed on the website are very relaxed and trendy. But is the website legit? Let’s find out.

Firstly the website has claimed to be founded in 2016 but when Sportoning com Reviews checked the website was 12 days old and was launched on 25th November 2020. Secondly, there is no social media presence or even links which makes the website suspicious.

Also having no reviews on the internet, the legitimacy at this point cannot be determined.

What are people saying about the website?

There are no reviews about the website on any social media and also on the internet; hence there is no data found for people to be talking about this website let alone know about it. There are no social media links or presence mentioned by the website.


With this, we can conclude this article of Sportoning com Reviews with a clear understanding that the website is too young and there are some loopholes about the website making it sound sceptical.

This website is not recommended till any reviews are out; also those who are interested in purchasing from this website detailed research and proper planning is advised.

Please mention your viewpoints on today’s article also comment if you’ll have purchased anything or heard about this website!

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  1. I tried ordering tools from them and as soon as I began to complete the purchase the site vanished so I stopped the payment. I was unable to find the company listing and unable to.refresh the page. Then one week later the site is up and running again so now I’m just kind of watching them to see if anyone else is testing the water.

  2. It’s a scam. The company address is a trailer park house In Iowa. The phone number is for a utility department for the state of Idaho. Don’t try buying anything on their site.

  3. Thank you PAUL for your comment. I started to buy the HUSKY MECHANICS TOOL SET (1025-PIECE) for $66.82, but I got suspicious when I went to their website and it showed the Sporto logo and they were selling nothing but sneakers and this tool set (Sporto appears to make boots not sneakers). I was going to order by Paypal to protect my credit card, but decided to do some research. Home Depot has this tool set for sale as a Special Buy for $1,699 (reg. $1,899). No phone number of course that you can call. I sent them a message via their website and also an email asking if this is for real or if their website had been hijacked. I heard about them from their Ad on YouTube. Is it common for YouTube to have scam ads? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure this is one and I’m out! The thing I don’t understand is I saw another review where they said they had tried to order and their website wouldn’t allow the charge to go through. What kind of a scam is that? Who buys YouTube ads and then doesn’t process the order? This too is really weird. Don’t go there!

  4. I saw a tool set pop up for $66, just glance because what kind of good tool set are you going to get for $66. Then saw 1025pc husky set, husky isn’t bad, lifetime warranty. Almost jumped right on it but then the site looked not right. Googled it and found this. Googled the tool set and home depot, husky tools, the set is $1700-1900. Something doesn’t smell right, be wary guys

  5. If you were drawn in by the 1025 piece tool set by Husky, you might want to check out Home Depots adds. It’s the exact same pic…..$1699 on sale down from $1899. No contact number on their website

  6. I purchased a Husky tool set for $66.00 on 12-13-2020 as soon as i got a comformation the email was deleted by who ever sent it is this a scam Please help

  7. Reading this because my boyfriend ordered the tool set, then he looked at Home Depot’s site, & he figures it must be a scam? The site did let him checkout with PayPal. He logged on and it does show tracking from China? We will see if it actually comes?

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